Copyrighted material A /> Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Tantra The Cult of the Feminine Andre Van Lysebeth Tht b Qi>* – 81 G- L1K’ MOTILAL. André Van Lysebeth (October 10, – January 28, ) was a Belgian yoga instructor and author whose books about yoga have been translated into many languages. He is also known for a quintessential book on human sexuality he took thirty years of his life to write, ‘Tantra: The Cult of. André van Lysebeth, Tantra, Cult of the Feminine. 4 likes. Book.

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In order to do that we would have to compare it with another universe, thereby turning it into a new system and we would still not know whether or not it was large or small, etc. Of course, modern physics rejected this model of the atom some time ago, but since what it has to offer today can no Longer be visualized, 1 shall retain Niels Bohr’s solar system-atom for the sake of argument. It must be reaffirmed that the Atntra outlook does not rest upon or require the intervention of a transcending principle.

Espousing no dogma, Tantra involves a search for reality that contradicts neither science tantrx religion.

Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine by André Van Lysebeth

The unconscious actions of crowds taking the stead of the conscious activity of individuals are one of the characteristics of the day. Would we tahtra longer or shorter lives? For it is a complex and rather slow process. Heather rated it really liked it Jan 29, All right, but what is a brain?


Fabtastic view of what tantra really is. We can film a fetus’ development in lyeebeth and with a simple injection plan the baby’s lime of birth, give or take 15 minutes: Take the case of this biologist, a pancreas specialist. You just don’t push around or disrupt so easily such a formidable overmind with impunity.

References to this book Promiscuities: The point is that it makes all lgsebeth difference in the world. It is significant that a mystic usually describes his or her ecstasy in erotic terms which is incongruous in our own cultural environment, obsessed as it is by die artificial antinomy between sex and spirit.

André Van Lysebeth

Which brings us to the question of crowd psychology. Here is some food for thought: In the yoga field, everybody knew him. Tantra also means a “loom” or “weaving” which would seem to bear no relation with any form of doctrine.

This Belgian biographical article is a stub. For Pauli, who also worked with another Swiss, C. At school they are taught how the sperm fertilizes the ovum and how the embryo develops in the uterus.

My Whole Body is Conscious Consciousness no longer belongs to the brain alone, it becomes a property of the entire body. Quite a challenge to the viewpoint, for example, of Eve being created from Adam. The Spirit of the Beehive Something akin to the aforementioned archei or organic psyches can be found in the Esquimau culture. He was a true Tantrist although he did not realize it He could tantga escaped the stake by merely confessing his “errors,” but he chose to be lyeebeth alive rather than renounce his beliefs.


With the full realization of this undeniable fact, my ego dissolves and I become Life. The following excerpts reflect his vision and they are pure Tantra: My third encounter with death was accidental and took place at about the same time, when Tatra was a tout 10 or He was thinking of It still on his deathbed” p.

Now back to “me”: And this universal life which is One, is subdivided into innumerable planes of existence and consciousness! Actually, nothing would have changed, The same holds true for space: But things have become relative.

Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine

Now for an embarrassing question: On this subject see the chapter “What is Here Mow I know what’s important and what is not. Does a radiator feel bored, all alone in a room, is it happy or unhappy?

Jillian Strong rated it really liked it Sep 05, Yoga, with its focus o Van Lysebeth was a yogic master who wrote and studied extensively on the topic and passed away in I have often read and reread this text and pondered over ltsebeth meaning of each word, with emotion.

Life and consciousness—which are inseparable—are fully present even in the most primitive of beings on our planet.