Luce Irigaray is a Belgian-born French feminist, philosopher, linguist, psycholinguist, psychoanalyst and cultural theorist. She is best known for her works Speculum of the Other Woman () and. The Canon: Speculum of the Other Woman. By Luce Irigaray. September 10, Share on twitter · Share on facebook · Share on linkedin · Share on whatsapp. Speculum of the Other Woman: Luce Irigaray: Speculum de l’autre femme ( ; Speculum of the Other Woman), which was highly critical of Freudian and.

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In these texts, Irigaray describes civil laws that she believes would help women achieve social existence mature subjectivity in Western culture. In her text I love to youIrigaray describes how she determined that women do not occupy the subject position.

Luce Irigaray (1932?—)

Between these two sections is “Speculum”–ten meditative, widely ranging, and freely associational essays, each concerned with an aspect of the history of Western philosophy in its relation to woman, specilum which Irigaray explores woman’s essential difference from man.

Irigaray concludes from her research that women are not subjects in language in the same way as men. KaganMarlaine C. Irigaray critically appropriates this radical description of sexual difference. Lacan believes that the element of fantasy and imagination involved in the identification with the mirror image marks the image as simultaneously representative and misrepresentative of the infant.

Of particular importance thee Irigaray’s work is Lacan’s claim that there are two key moments in the formation of iribaray child’s identity: The first section where she basically tears apart the assumptions of Freud emasculates him?

Irigaray, Luce | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Even though it has been decided that these struggles will die out in the Sun, that light will conquer darkness and truth fantasy, that the father in other? Feb 08, Laura rated it liked it.

Columbia University Press, First, Irigaray disagrees with Lacan’s depiction of the Symbolic order as ahistorical and unchanging. Continental philosophy French feminism [1].

In “Cosi Fan Tutti,” she argues that the Phallus is not a purely symbolic category, but is ultimately an extension of-and reinforcement of-Freud’s description of the world according to a one-sex model. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? An example of utopian ideals can be found in Sexes and Genealogies, thinking spefulum differenceand je, tu, nous.


While ethics is a constant theme throughout her work, Irigaray’s text An Ethics of Sexual Difference is devoted to this theme. Irigaray’s goal is for there to be more than one subject position in language. The material otuer offers varies from new concepts about religion and bodies-expressed through both the novel use of existing words and the creation of new words-to utopian ideals. Hence, in the Lacanian view, the body as humans understand it is something that is constructed in the mirror stage, and sexually differentiated in the entrance to the Symbolic order.

Saying “I love to you” rather than “I love you” is a way of symbolizing a respect for the other. Thrift Limited preview – Please help by adding reliable sources.

This is in contrast to men who are associated with culture and subjectivity.

Or if women’s bodies are viewed as multiple and dispersed, women should speak from that position in a playful way that suggests that this view stems from a masculine economy that values identity and unity irigarsy. Irigaray agrees with Lacan that how we understand our biology is largely culturally influenced-thus does she accept the idea of an imaginary body. One person found this helpful.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Iriigaray argues that, since ancient times, mothers have been associated with nature and unthinking matter.

She’ What a ride! Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Forewarning, Irigaray can be difficult to get through. In the myth, Zeus, Persephone’s father, aids his brother Hades, king of the underworld, to abduct the young Perspephone. Yet, this becomes metaphorical for the positioning of women in the ultimate schema of Specklum discourse, whether consciously or not, intentionally or not.

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While she is not suggesting that philosophy is single-handedly responsible for the history of women’s oppression, she wants to emphasize that the similar type of exclusion manifest in both philosophy and speculkm predates the birth of psychoanalysis. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. In the last section, “Plato’s Hystera,” Irigaray reinterprets Plato’s myth of the cave, of the womb, in an attempt to discover the origins of that ideology, to ascertain precisely the way in which metaphors were fathered that henceforth became vehicles of meaning, to trace how woman came to be excluded from the production of discourse.


The publication of this thesis gained her recognition, but also negatively affected Irigaray’s career. So I’ll be brief and, as is my wont, simplistic.

Speculum of the Other Woman: Luce Irigaray, Gillian C. Gill: : Books

Speculum of the Other Woman: One among many unique claims of Lacan’s is that the infant acquires sexual difference in his or her relationship to the Phallus. Ethics While ethics is a constant theme throughout her work, Irigaray’s text An Ethics of Sexual Difference is devoted to this theme. Find it on Scholar. Kevin rated it it was amazing Apr 09, The infant fantasizes that if he or she could occupy the role of the Phallus-the master signifer of that Symbolic order-he or she could regain the full attention of the wlman.

Knowing that Irigaray was a student of Lacan who got booted out for their philosophical differences that are in this book drama! Her text, Democracy Begins Between Twowas a part of that collaboration insofar as pf was the theoretical work behind her role as adviser.

From this perspective, female subjectivity looks like a deformed or insufficiently developed form of male subjectivity. In other words, while women are not considered full subjects, society itself could not function without their contributions.

However, she does not put forth a definitive plan irigarxy implementing this change in language. Or does it create further exclusion among the excluded themselves? Lacan interprets Freud’s speculuj from a background in structural linguistics, philosophy, and, of course, psychoanalysis.