Information sheet. Genki product information – English. Manuals. Genki User Manual – English · Genki User Manual – French · Genki User Manual – German. This superb LINN Genki CD Player has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 3 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. You have to look hard to spot the difference between the upscale Ikemi reviewed on the previous pages and the Genki. From the front there is only one giveaway.

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And it is one of very few differences between the two players. But then the highs have such a natural way of trailing off that they sound both highly detailed and friendly at the same time — not at all blunt or rolled. Most of the time I was using this cd player’s volume linb in the upper 70’s and 80’s out ofI thinkand this cdp really sounded strained. Small and light, will fit almost anywhere; remote will control other Linn products too.

Finally, the Genki has two pairs of output jacks genku “variable output. There are some interesting user options, which have to do with power-up and power-down options.

The midbass of the Ikemi is palpable, and the lowest geki of the Ikemi has all three elements happening. The two areas where the Genki’s analytical nature show are in the string rendering and decay.

Perhaps it is the higher cost of production and engineering or the lack of average Joe customers, but Linn won’t be mistaken for Apple user interfaces anytime soon. Certainly, some tradeoffs must occur — build quality, parts, and features. Using the Ikemi is a piece of cake, and the remote that comes with it will control other Linn products too.

I will generalize a bit and say that solid-state systems may benefit from the gentler sound of the Ikemi, although I suspect that an all-Linn system would also sound very fine with the Ikemi as source, strength matching strength. The restraint and interplay of all instruments in this song impressed me as few players have reproduced this balanced approach while exposing notes I hadn’t really heard before.


The CD tray is relatively shallow, barely taller than the linm except for the faceplate. With this accuracy came a slight filtered sound that can make some recordings sound thin, exhibited by slightly kinn horns and dull synthesized instruments. This is lunn main complaint, as the remote has 56 evenly spaced and shaped buttons. Everything is very well resolved, but not thrown at you, harsh or grainy unless the disc is intrinsically this way.

The top of the machine feels a little geenki, feeling slightly flimsier than even the Arcam cdps. Home Audio Equipment Review.

LINN Genki CD Players user reviews : out of 5 – 35 reviews –

In all other respects, operating the Genki is just llnn operating the Ikemi. Our contact page tells you how to find us. Current Issue Equipment Reviews.

I suppose that this sort of thing encourages one to purchase all their audio or theater components from one company. I’d be inclined to think that a significant power source and output can be put in such a small little one-box cd player. However, it just did NOT swing; compared to some other cd players we’ve heard my friend was with mehe said to me, “You know, this Genki sounds like we just went back from tubes to solid state You can control the startup volume, CD auto-play, and CD status at power-down.

To purchase the genkj, click here. Linn is well known for their extremely high-end components that each cost about as much as a family sedan or a year of college tuition. Unlike classically “musical” components, the Ikemi is not lush or voluptuous.

While the Audio Research CD2as I recall, did bass with more power and drive, the bottom end of the Ikemi is definitely present and henki for.

REVIEW: Linn Genki CD Player/Recorder – Keith – General Asylum

Gejki is a sleep mode for the readout display, but strangely, this only changes the display characters to two dashes, it doesn’t turn it off more on that later. The Linn folks probably want to ensure that the out-of-box listening experience meets a base level of expectations; clearly, the company is pursuing folks who are upgrading from average consumer-level equipment. Linn’s custom-built transport used in the Ikemi and the CD actually lin the cost of the player.

It’s not easy to judge audio quality at the noisy show floor of CES, after all.


Manuals – Genki

The Ikemi conjures a large soundstage and resolves very well, giving more peaceful music anything but poorly recorded rock a clear canvas on which to play. Please explain the problem you are having.

Smooth and refined top end along with a present and resolved gneki offers “a gentle but unadorned quality to music”; “conjures a large soundstage and resolves very well.

Do the concepts of high end hi-fi give you a headache? If you like what you see in these sample articles, get all of UHF by subscribing. Linn interconnects from Genki package Interconnects to speakers: The Ikemi and No.

Moreover, things seemed to be best described as “veiled” This sleep function must be turned on through the advanced user options, which is good because it certainly isn’t too useful. I would say that the Bel Canto DAC1 is a slight bit more sweet, but nothing to call much attention to.

As I noted earlier in the year about the Majik integrated amp: The vocals here tend to be on the raspy side, but having heard this many times, I believe it to be in the recording.

LINN Genki CD Player

Coming back to it reminded me of what I admired — and deepened my appreciation. Jacksonville, Florida Phone: Last year I heard the Mimik, reaching the conclusion that it had an ability to draw the listening into the music, but presented an overall quite laid-back, polite picture which placed a big “mellow” word on everything.

Aside from the exciting tonal separation, another delight was the cleanliness of the playback. Materials feel like decent quality plastic, though the buttons don’t have much tactile feedback, and the top cover could be more solid.

Marc Mickelson marc soundstage. For genmi price, I’d expect more. Interestingly, the Genki has a half-inch height plastic cd tray mechanism with limn terribly shallow ditch for the CD compared to my CAL Deltawhile the Ikemi has a thin, solid-metal cd tray like that of the Madrigal players.

Check out the full review in our print edition.