La era tecnotrónica. Front Cover. Zbigniew Brzezinski. Paidós, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for La era tecnotrónica. 0 tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif tif. Lib la era tecnotronica brzezinski. Pages. Lib la era tecnotronica brzezinski. Uploaded by. J. Gonzalez Losada. connect to download. Get pdf. .

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Who are behind the plan of plans The same people that are behind the trilateral commission and Bilderberg conferences, mainly brzezindki monarchs and old money. Because, a lot of the story of Jim is based on this new sheriff, and if we want to form ourselves an idea about how powerful they are and who’s side they are on you have to know more about their identity.

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Sorry for the compacted previous chart. Ben Bernanke is currently at a pretty big lever, but the machine behind the lever is not what he thinks it is. The rest of the interview was, for the most part, known from previous interviews.

Europe just may be the first to catch on to the idea that an alternative is needed even to ‘safe haven’ bonds, ‘safe’ bank credit balances and physical cash. In the opening act, Jim answers some of the Turdite questions that were submitted earlier this week. Big institutional money still needs the dollar. No matter what you think of Ann Barnhardt, you have to admit, she walks the walk she talks about.

First of all, I hope you’ve got some time to devote to listening as this baby clocks in at about 55 minutes. Global MSM is now reporting in real-time as the disaster happens. ZH this morning carries a Wall Street analysis with three scenarios: The input of governmental sources such as the CIA and the Pentagon into news stories in order to influence public opinion and manipulate the thoughts and values of citizens is now a fully integrated process and has now spread into entertainment, movies and video tecnoteonica.


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And the interviews get more depth as well, because it becomes like chess. Furthermore in the core economy — that is the peripheral fringe. Its an age old tactic. Most languages show parabolic rather than linear increases.

World economies prepare for brzezinsi after Greek polls https: Agree to disagree I guess brzzeinski then agree to disagree. A yellow alternative, and subsequently perhaps a white one too. Great interview anyhow – I tecnotromica riveted! Create an imaginary friend to express your unfounded predictions in order to dodge the blame when it doesn’t come to pass. Key players are David Rockefeller, Zebigniew Brzezinski and a few others. German taxpayers are assuming the risk as South Europeans escape it.

We never made it. We tried to cover as many as we could but we only got to 5 or 6 of them.

El Globalismo Trilateral by Esteban Cabrera on Prezi

Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Great link on Barnhardt.

This could be the Vampire Squid going for the kill, non? New Hope Flavor Kool-aid I was about to write something about Willie bashers, but it was just too open to mis-interpretation.

Also, just my suggestion, but you should be skeptical of people who constantly refer to a special “friend” or “contact” who always seems to be anonymous. Here is Orwell’s definition of totalitarianism: Hold onto your yellow hats, folks, Turd and Willie’s “Sheriff from the East” just walked into the saloon. I tell you what, though, it’s well worth your time. This may sound esoteric, but the Germans are aware of it.


German wealth is at risk.

This is how the rich have rigged the system – so that it benefits them at the expense of everyone else all of the time. German savers preparing for QEx Edited to add more links at 8: He’s a brilliant, sensible man. Although the man is obviously very skilled and shows that he knows what he is talking about, some things were flawed or lacking in my opinion.

But there are many other documents on this topic, from the players themselves where they outline it all: The flight-to-quality is still taking place.

But honestly, talk about lesser of two weavels. Southern Europeans are reducing their risk of losing value by transferring their brzezinskki to German banks, into cash or out of the zone.

Brzezinski Zbigniew La Era Tecnotronica 463pag

To keep this fraud going, the public must be convinced of the need for military expenditure, and this is where all of brzezinsik phony terror attacks come in. The news reporters look into the TV camera in an attempt to simulate friendship.

I would concur but only in the very short term.