***SOLVED*** This is probably a very basic and stupid question. I have an image that I want to open another window(tab) when clicking on it. free, third party, open-source. ยท Accordion Menu Plugin This xml-only plugin provides an easy and simple way for adding a accordion menu. Open Plugin panel and click ” Save”. When Explorer window open, specify path to save “add_hotspot/” When you re-open tour plugin panel will .

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The trial version adds watermarks to your images but aside from that, it includes all the features and abilities of the registered version so that you can try it out fully and decide if it is something you wish to purchase.

Notes for using the krpano Flash viewer locally / offline

Search – Hot spot search string. This tab has the same settings as Default settingswith four more buttons added on it. Button “Save list” saves a list of references to a file List of external links. Creating a list of url links to specific places on the tour. Prepare a hot spot for opening youtube link.

Clicking in an empty place on screen resets selection! Text Table Plugin This plugin allows you to create a text table with customizable rows, columns, text entries, fonts, colours etc.

– Plugins

In the tab ” Manual setings direct input ” You can set its parameters manually. Parameters that have two states on or off switch by clicking on button. Activate the tab by clicking Open youtube.


Images must be placed along the way. Insert a patch from PTGui. Plugins for the krpano Panorama Viewer What are plugins? This address applies to all hotspots created in this tab.

Doubleclick Plugin A plugin that adds a doubleclick event lrpano krpano. String Plugin This plugin provides a number of string manipulation methods. Download and prime the software. Changes cannot be saved to the server, you save file with changes and send it to Customer to place the file on his server.

As you enter, press ” Enter”. Detailed information on the assignment of polygonal hotspot attributes here. The tabs are minimized and open when you click on a triangle inside tab on right. Krpanno normal rectilinear opne, fisheye, stereographic fisheye, Panini and architectural projection. The look will go to this hot spot and it will be active for editing. Will be available direct input of the attribute value onclick. It’s possible to rotate the pano krpani dragging the radar viewing cone.

Use power and flexibility of the WordPress cms to create your virtual tours. It is possible for KRPano to encrypt your content so that if someone attempts to pirate your work it will just ppen a jumbled mess and unusable.

The following parameters have two States and are divided into two columns. It is necessary to check up efficiency of the link created by you on a server of the Customer.

Try to shorten long links, not all links can open “In frame”. How to change settings. Enter name of hotspot and press “Enter”. Circle Hotspots Plugin A minimallistic and elegant way to insert scene hotspots at your virtual tours with minimum visual interference while preserving a complete linked scene description on mouse hovering krpabo user tapping. Template by OS Templates. When loading data or code from the web, e. We respect your privacy. Height relative to window – The height of the window relative to the screen in percentage.


This tab creates links like this: Button “Save list” saves a list of references to a file List of external links. IdleView Plugin The idleView plugin formerly simplexIdle uses Simplex noise to look around and zoom when the panorama is idle.


Newer Flashplayer versions are allowing to edit the trusted folders also krpao the right-click ‘Global Settings’ menu, but in some Browsers this is partially buggy and the settings will be not applied correctly. This makes is possible to view also very large images quick and fast and with a few memory need. Drag all – Lock-unlock button to move all created hotspots. Enable the ‘Always allow’ option.

Dropdown list “List of url links to hotspot” contains the names of all created opfn.

Example creation of hotspots, which opening URL links.