Title or reference: Kriminaliteti i organizuar. Translated title or reference: This book is available in hard copy at the library KJI. Keywords: Krimi I. Krimi i organizuar si faktor me ndikim në proceset politike – Rasti i veriut të Kosovës . Qollakaj, Fatmir (Kolegji AAB, ). Siguria është kategori kushtetuese. Krimi i organizuar transnacional: sistem dhune dhe pushteti. Front Cover. Zamir Poda. Shtëpia Botuese “Moravia”, – Organized crime – pages.

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‘Krimi i Organizuar’

Their professional orgnizuar had been to kill, expel as many Albanians as possible, and not know anything about the matter afterwards. Shtegtimi im, vendi im. The witness denies and negates his role as a cog in the machine of state-organized ethnic cleansing, executed with the aim of completely cleansing of the territory and getting rid of unwanted people, unfit names, and inappropriate language.

We should hope that the net will remain for future generations to enjoy. Kosovo Police, PrishtinaData on the situation of criminality and money counterfeit for the period Criminal Code of the Republic of Albania, Tirana, In Kosovo, money counterfeiting is not widely studied.

Several criminal, phenomenological and etiological features of criminal offences of counterfeiting money in Kosovo. He stated that his ancestors have always given blood for his country when it has been necessary.

Zene u crnom – Women in Black – Belgrade – From Organized Crime to an Organized Lie

It has not been talked about as if it had never happened. This crime, like many others, was organized, carried out and executed by the state. Those were the killings that happened in the Prizren municipality.


It completed its duties conscientiously and responsibly. I was in charge of my three companies. Nevertheless, these crimes are found in all societies, including Kosovo. Botimet e kaluara Numrat e fundit. Some things are easy to see: Vendosja e paqes dhjetor All of them have only one law to obey, the law of the shameless lie.

Action against online criminals is often too slow, the arrests few and far orfanizuar, and the penalties often very light, especially compared with real-world crimes.

Kriminaliteti i organizuar

They have chosen not to know, not to remember, and not to mention anything. Then, we have a collective spirit. The Internet has no city limits or country borders. From the research of this type of crime, I have concluded that these criminal offences are a serious type of crime, which may result in major individual, family and social consequences. It’s hard to forecast where they will take us. Joining criminal online gangs has become an increasingly attractive option for people with high level computing skills but few job opportunities.

Our generation was the first generation that got online. Through the ethnic cleansing, an ethnically pure space without people and language has been created.

From Organized Crime to an Organized Lie. On the first day of court, the indictment was read, and the defendants made their pleas. Am I supposed to do that for you? First and foremost, they wanted to protect themselves, and then their superiors, and the state of Serbia.

Keywords Counterfeit money; manufacturing; modification; circulation. We have been witnesses of ethnic cleansing as a state-organized crime. In doing so, we are trying to sympathize with their pain caused by the loss of their loved ones. The repudiation of well-known facts, the concealment of commanding responsibility, and the denial of any kind of responsibility whatsoever lrimi continued.

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On the contrary, there seems to have been a real system at work. OctoberAll those innocent people who in a particular moment in history bore a certain name have been the target of state-organized ethnic cleansing and killings.

The Albanian population has moved out, pressured by the terrorist KLA. Women in Black – Belgrade. This witness, as an official of the criminal regime, is the executor of the laws which approve and support lies. Only Albanians had firms there. This further proves that the crime was organized by the state, that the state carried it out; it is also evident that there was intention. Unprotected Roma witnesses were not afraid to publicly state all that they knew.

That is why I am here today.

On of the witnesses testified that ethnic cleansing was organized by the state and that the goal had been ethnically pure territory without people with a specific name. October Witness Velibor Veljkovic — disloyal to his own—firmly stated that Albanians had not fired orvanizuar them and that all the victims were civilians. Organziuar Username Password Remember me. Abstract The Republic of Kosovo is making efforts as a young state to strengthen rule of law and efficiently combat criminality in general, and specifically organized crime, as a condition for its journey towards European integration perspectives.