Nor am I pushing IceFaces as the best component library; I’m using it as an example because I was recently working on a project where it was. How to run AutoComplete Tutorial? I have the Ganymede version of Eclipse installed along with Tomcat I have unzipped the source code. ICEfaces Facelets Tutorial. Facelets is a view technology that focuses on building JSF component trees. Facelets steps outside of the JSP specification and.

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The index then defines the UI items using ui: You can see the three new menu items here and the submenu items created for the New Game selection.

ICEfaces Facelets Tutorial

The gotcha here is that IceFaces seems to have a bug? The name attribute value must match that of a ui: But it still has no such functionality of a calender. I wonder why ICEfaces tutorial page requires the user to login to view pages.

Instead of re writing the same code all over again we can use icefacs custom component. Complete tutorial on how to create custom components? When first running this project in Eclipse, the application will open it in the Eclipse web browser which is not representative of a real world browser. Creating your own custom tags can be beneficial due to it will promote code re-use and portability.

IceFaces tutorial on JBoss. We cover this is the Application Review section below.


Could not find a complete answer though. The following is an example of how the composition tag works:.

JSF Components – A Quick Example Using ICEFaces

Please Sign up or sign in to vote. To use the tagfile, declare it as an XML namespace, shown below:. Using Dapper Flexibly November 14, I have created an underlying Game. As you can see, we were able to quickly get important icefacew of our user interface up and running with some commonly-needed components. Icsfaces the namespace element that is declared before the tag element, it will be used in the facelets page.

The following is an example of how the decorate tag works:.

This example application is far from complete. This will include the header, footer, and navigation pages and allow the content to be defined separetly. The faceletsTutorial Tag library only defines one tag but all of the tags being used in the application icwfaces be defined in the same tag library file.

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JSF Components – A Quick Example Using ICEFaces | Keyhole Software

I am in no way encouraging anyone to stay away go play with the new frameworks for JavaScript and you will be saying how much fun it can be too. Hi, I downloaded the “dynamic-includes-tutorial” and ran it in netbeans yutorial.

How can I run this from eclipse or distribute it to a war in order to run it from tomcat? What Do You Think? The content pages use another template to outline its content. Keyhole Software is a software development consulting firm focused on JavaScript, Java, and. Deploy the web application and test it using the IceFaces invocation pattern: Normally this would take quite a few lines of code to create:.


I recommend using STS for easier setup. Notice the big difference in the amount of code? You will need to pick a JSF implementation to use.

This was with our ICEfaces 1. In standard JSF, the render phase produces new markup for the current application state, and delivers that to the browser, where a full page refresh occurs.

I would like to first reiterate that what you choose is going to depend on your needs for a particular project.

JSF Quick Start Tutorial – ICEmobile – Community Wiki

Includes samples on templating and custom components. The server and the configuration of it is valid I think because I can drop some Img or amd and see the result in the browser.

You will need to pick a JSF implementation to use. Any content within the decorate tag will be passed to the associated template as parameters or simply ignored.