“Wieczna wojna” scenariusz Joe Haldeman, rysunki Marvano, kolory Bruno Marchand, tłumaczenie Krzysztof Uliszewski, Egmont, Warszawa. Wieczna wojna (franc. La guerre éternelle) – francuska seria komiksowa z gatunku science-fiction, której autorami są Joe Haldeman (scenariusz) i Marvano . Najbardziej znaną powieścią Haldemana jest Wieczna wojna, zainspirowana doświadczeniami z Wietnamu, za którą dostał nagrody Hugo oraz Nebula. Później.

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I have to admit now, the book is undeniably a masterpiece and deserves to be seen as such. Not in terms of people. We follow William Mandella through his military career in a war that spans centuries of time and many light years of space. Forever War by Haldeman 47 42 Oct 16, I won’t bore you with all the details, but it felt like this was someone who doesn’t know a lot about global economics, writing about global economics.

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To sum it up, maybe this book gets better, but after reading some of the lower star reviews after the fact, it doesn’t sound like it does. Oh, and the main character’s pseudo-date rape of the impaired lesbian, just, beautiful.

Wieczna wojna (komiks) – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This book is all plot qojna no character. Haldeman II Haldeman is the author of 20 novels and five collections. View all 5 comments.


It is a thoroughly satisfying, powerful experience. But this Mandella is old-schooled and loves a woman of his original company. This is something that will always be a factor in any military, even though you constantly hear, “think of the military objective”. Character development and the desire to connect with the wojan was non existent for me. Apparently the women in this book are sex slaves to their male counterparts and must yield to their nightly desires for debauchery.

I would like that everyone who goes to the move “Ender’s Game” read this war deconstruction. The main message seems to be that war is begun from stupidity and greed as a means to control the populace.

From the This book frustrated me, and left a bad taste. Here, military protocol governs human coupling as avidly as it equips our soldiers to fight off the alien menace. I’m not sure Haldeman was making a statement about the birth vs.

Wieczna wojna

This is such a guy’s story. I can see why this quote is one of the most underlined in the book. Write a customer review. I read this book years ago, back in high school.

Wieczna wojna (komiks)

This is military-flavoured bootcamp-to-war Science Fiction in its finest Conscript-to-brutal bootcamp-to-faraway-alien-war. Despite the inaccuracies of his and projections, the book doesn’t feel dated. Haldeman just didn’t seem to grasp that.

I often enjoy reading what science fiction expected us to have by now, and I’m often very grateful they’ve been proved wrong, though jet packs would still be fun. I am now several several, several, and several years older and know all about the highly political nature of the book and I still think it is a kick-ass sci-fi story.


While I was reading about the final battles in the later chapters I hapdeman speculating whether to rate this book at 4 stars because I found those battle scenes a little tedious, but after finishing it I haldsman a 5 stars rating is a more accurate representation of my esteem. To say that this book comes across as juvenile is an understatement, it’s like a 14 year old boy wrote it. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Smoking weed, banging different chicks every night with no consequences, blowing shit up, liberal use of the “swear words” that he uses behind wojjna parents back, and dialog that it so unrealistic galdeman can tell straight away that this 14 year old is NOT on the Honor Roll.

This one will stay with me. Not my content, abandoned. Return to Book Page.

One of the most interesting things about this book is learning about the social and cultural changes that have transpired to earth’s people while William has been travelling across the galaxy.