YASKAWA AC Drive-J Type: CIMR-JU. Compact V/f Control Drive. Models: V Class, Three-Phase Input: to kW. V Class, Single-Phase. YASKAWA AC Inverter Series J Document Download. The J meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful.

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Continue with steps 3 to 5 until the last data has been processed. For the number of bytes in the command message, take double the number of the data quantity.

Model Dependent Parameter E motor rated current protects the motor if parameter L is yskawa set to 0 default is 1, standard induction motor protection enabled. A data error occurred due to noise.

Speed Agree and drive output will shut down on an oL3 fault. Frequency Reference Selection on page 79 Refer to b If the slave address specified in the command message is 00H, all slaves execute the write function, but do not return response messages yaskada the master.

Run command accepted only in the operation menu. DriveWizard Plus Potentiometer Option Unit The LED operator allows the user to control the drive from up to 3 meters away, saving the hassle of directly accessing the drive when mounted inside an enclosure panel.

Inverter Series J1000

Cycle power for the setting yaskawwa take effect. Mechanical Installation Mechanical Installation This chapter explains how to properly mount and install the drive. Models that can be connected to a single-phase V commercial power supply are being prepared. Wiring Diagram For Multiple Connections 1. This function keeps the application from rotating in reverse and prevents machine damage, even if a reverse command is accidentally entered.


The cooling fan cannot operate properly when installed yaskawx and could seriously damage the drive.

Yaskawa J1000 IP20 1.5kW/2.2kW 230V 1ph to 3ph AC Inverter Drive, DBr, Unfiltered

Alternate branch circuit protection devices are also listed in Table D. Page 81 Set the frequency reference to F6. Shut the power off and wait until the display on the LED operator goes out completely. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Page 4AB G 0. Drive Options And Peripheral Devices 8. Operator Programming Errors E is greater than or equal to E is greater than or equal to E A single-phase motor cannot be used.

Using the braking resistor more frequently than its rating trips the alarm even when the braking resistor surface is not very hot. The magnitude of the braking load trips the braking resistor overheat alarm, NOT the surface temperature.

Page 19 Rated Output Max. Prohibit reverse rotation with a single parameter setting to prevent improper operation and possible machine damage. Europe Germany Sweden U. Engineering tool DriveWizard Plus automatically converts parameter settings from the earlier VS mini J7 to match Not only useful for model upgrades and transitions, but also a time-saving feature Improper wiring practices could result in drive or equipment yaskaaw due to electrical interference.

Adjust application settings if necessary. If the motor is to be operated at a speed yaaskawa than the rated speed, consult with the manufacturer. Page 90 — — — 2A Fault Restart Torque detection 1, N. Page Safety Hazard Definitions When operating at greater than 60 Hz the output Hz with 60 Hz base Constant output voltage will be constant.


Receiving This chapter describes the proper inspections to perform after receiving the yaskaww and illustrates the different yaxkawa types and components.

Open the catalog to page 7. Check the LED operator for information about possible faults if the drive or motor fails to operate. Page Output Current A Rating corresponding to relatively light-load machines, such as fans and yakawa, is called normal duty ND rating. Warranty Information Customers who intend to use the product described in this manual for devices or systems relating to transportation, health care, space aviation, atomic power, electric power, or in underwater applications must first contact their Yaskawa representatives or the nearest Yaskawa sales office.

Refer to option unit manual for option unit installation instructions. If a lower reference than this value is input, the drive will run at the d level. Check the i1000 items on a daily basis to avoid premature deterioration in performance or product failure.

Drive Label Warnings To conform to requirements, make sure to ground the supply neutral for V class.

J – YASKAWA Europe GmbH

Operate the system and verify the required deceleration rate is obtained during dynamic braking or stopping.

Page 89 The carrier frequency can be set up to change linearly with the output frequency. Yaskawa is not responsible for the consequences of ignoring these instructions.