Inversions is a Culture series novel by the noted British author Iain M Banks. If I had to sum up Inversions with one word it would probably be “Different”. Taking a bit of a break from Hugo stuff (but not really), today I’m talking about Iain M. Banks’ Inversions, which I’m reading along with kamo of. Inversions (Culture) [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks, the international bestselling author of The Player of.

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Best to get it out of the way early though, I think. Banks which usually means that it’s a Science Fiction story. I’ve found that my enjoyment of this series falls in two camps: The story progresses through pov of two protagonist namely the doctor Vosell and the bodyguard Dewar. Algunos de los mejores momentos de esta parte son los vividos por DeWar y Perrund durante sus conversaciones mientras pasean o juegan a diversos juegos de mesa.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It’s two main characters are part of the Contact organization, but we don’t hear the tale from their perspective, and so Contact remains a subtle thread invdrsions a greater tapestry or a lesser one, depending on one’s perspective.

It is clear the children are Vosill and DeWar, and that Vosill joined Special Circumstances to continue with her philosophy of instigating change within primitive cultures, whereas it can be guessed that DeWar is a kind of exile from the Culture working by his own means.

Some reviewers noted lnversions joking reference to “Culture” in this. Elsewhere, in another On a backwards world with six moons, an alert spy reports on the doings of one Dr. Certain writers write the same story over and over, others try to baffle the reader by doing something you don’t anticipate; Banks is somehow both of these writers. It is remarkable bwnks this novel is counted as sf and as part of Banks’ Culture books.

There is ugliness, because Banks never shies from that, and there is quite a bit of witty repartee between the Doctor and her King and inversikns the Bodyguard and the General Protector’s favorite concubine. Maarten Troost 1 J. View all 4 comments.

Where the book is similar to other Culture novels however, is the fantastic twist at the end which if you know of beforehand, I imagine would ruin the book somewhat. Banks has said ” Inversions was an attempt to write a Culture novel that wasn’t. If this intended to be your first Culture book what you’ll only read is a medei al fantasy.



But all of Banks’ scifi fit in bznks category – it is just often easy to ignore behind all the glitzy space opera and the vast vistas spanning planets and systems and involving billions of beings.

Despite this he continued to use his unofficial middle name and it was as Iain M. As Banks has described, it was his “attempt to write a Culture inversiojs that wasn’t”, and as such all of the common motifs that I have grown to love in the series are completely absent. I want to share the beauty of this book with everyone, but as I learned before writing this review, I may be the only one who sees iai beauty of Inversions.

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Inversions (Iain M. Banks)

The rest of this review has been withheld due to the ch I had major problems feeling connected to the last Culture novel I read, It felt like the author was holding things too close to his chest. May 01, Ints rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 18, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Following these reforms Vosill confesses to the King that she loves him, a sentiment he rebuffs, and further informs her that he prefers “pretty, dainty, delicate women who [have] no brains.

They married in Hawaii in I suspect that Look To Windward was Iain Inverdions showing off at the peak of his talents — and what a great show it is. Because she is held in such high regard by the King, Vosill has many enemies in the Court, and as Oelph narrates the events of the story, a conspiracy is in which dukes, high ranking officials, and other characters plot to dispose of her.

It’s a very literary work and teasing out the themes is challenging. Banks broke the genre apart, and with a little inspiration from M John Harrison and Ursula Le Guin and some outright theft from Larry Nivenhe created a series of space bamks novels that remains unmatched. I’m looking at you again, Prime Directive! Jehane and Vosill should go share a drink in a bar together.


It isn’t quite on par with Use of Weapons, but it was certainly a good one. Inversions can be read as a standalone novel, but I wouldn’t recommend it — imversions would simply miss too much of the underlying story.

That stuff is fantastic, by the way.

Let me elaborate on the above points of the book 1. Loading comments… Trouble loading? There’s inversipns love, hidden horrors and fear of the outside. They have no right answers. The main twist in the format is that we only see it from the confused lens of the inhabitants of the planet. Still, what we read here is a brief window into two people’s lives, and they are as rich and shocking as any other of Banks’ creations.

Webarchive template wayback links Pages to import images to Wikidata Use dmy dates from August Was it better to leave them alone so they could develop on their own, or was it better to force civilization and technology on them even thought that might hurt them in the short run?

The book is set on an unknown planet which is ostensibly similar to medieval Earth with various kingdoms and no technology. The barons of Jnversions initially supported Urleyn’s revolution, apparently wishing for freedom from the previous monarch, and now wish for complete independence.

Speculiction Review of “Inversions” by Iain M. Banks

The stories are often slow and far from action-packed. This sixth book set in the universe of the Culture is very different from it’s predecessors. Fans of the Culture series. Things did not turn out very well for anyone involved in the story.

He died the following June. The soldiers were eventually killed, but Perrund still feels she is now dead inside. I would definitely recommend this book, but you must accept that nothing happens, there is no real ending, and there isn’t even a message to it all.

Other than this, however, the book is basically storytelling in a medieval context–good enough storytelling to merit four stars from this satisfied reader.