Helianthemum lippii (Cistum sessiliflorum, Helianthemum sessiliflorum, ragroug) in Flora of Qatar, with photos of the plant in its habitat. Helianthemum lippii (L.) Dum. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Helianthemum (family Helianthemum albicans Ehrenb. ex Willk. Photos of the Helianthemum lippii species (flora and plant communities of south- western Morocco).

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They are widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, especially in the Mediterranean.

These are usually shrubs or subshrubs, and some are annual or perennial herbs. The leaves are oppositely arranged, but some plants may have alternately arranged leaves along the upper stems.

The flowers are solitary or borne in an array of inflorescence types, such as paniclesracemesor headlike clusters. The flower has three inner sepals and two smaller outer sepals.

It has five petals usually in shades of yellow, orange, or pink. The style at the center is tipped with a large stigma.


Plant Biodiversity of South-Western Morocco

The fruit is a capsule containing many seeds. Helianthemum are known to form symbioses with mycorrhizal fungi. In the Mediterranean they are associated with Terfeziaceaethe desert truffles.

Together, plant and fungus may have a beneficial effect on the arid local landscapes, preventing soil erosion and desertification. Some symbiotic pairs include Helianthemum salicifolium and the truffle Tirmania niveaand H.

lippiu One of the most commonly observed mycorrhizae on Helianthemum is a member of a different family, Cenococcum geophilum. This fungus is not host-specific, and it often associates with oaksas well. Some studies suggest that Helianthemum and oaks growing together in a habitat may “share” their mycorrhizae.

Helianthemum videos, photos and facts – Helianthemum lippii | Arkive

Helianthemum are food plants for the larvae of some Lepidoptera species, such as the large grizzled skipper and the silver-studded blue. Several Helianthemum species, and the numerous hybrids and cultivars derived helianthemun them, are widely grown as ornamental plantspopular in rockeries.


A broader range of colours is available among the cultivars, including bright salmon-pink to dark red.

They are best grown in well-drained soil in full sun, and have a long flowering period from spring to summer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Helianthemum Helianthemum nummularium Scientific classification Kingdom: Phytologia 93 2 Molecular phylogeny of the mycorrhizal desert truffles Terfezia and Tirmaniahost specificity and edaphic tolerance.

Mycologia 94 2 helianthsmum, Shared ectomycorrhizal fungi between a herbaceous perennial Helianthemum bicknellii and oak Quercus seedlings.

New Phytologist 2 Retrieved 3 March Retrieved 17 July Retrieved from ” https: Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link from Wikidata. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

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