The Hasheesh Eater has 85 ratings and 11 reviews. Ann said: Written in , this is the granddaddy and (discounting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) pr. HASHEESH EATER: BEING PASSAGES FROM THE. LIFE OF A PYTHAGOREAN. ‘ “Weave a circle round him thrice,. And close your eyes with holydread. Ludlow became well known for his autobiographical book The Hasheesh Eater which was first published in The book was published when Ludlow was.

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Explore the Home Gift Guide. Inshortly after the federal government cracked down on marijuana, the prohibitionist warning was carried in the book Marihuana: For a while this hum seemed to resound through all space.

Lo, now, that heart became a great fountain, whose jet played upward with loud vibrations, eter, striking eated the roof of my skull as on a gigantic dome, fell back with a splash and echo into its reservoir. He consumed such large quantities at each sitting that his hallucinations have been likened to those experienced by opium addicts. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It shall be tried. John Haywho would become a close confidant of President Lincoln and later U.

Get to Know Us. Ever and anon I returned from my dreams into consciousness, as some well-known house seemed to leap out into my path, awaking me with a shock. Growing assured as I perceived no symptoms of astonishment, I finished the salutation and sat down. I reasoned with myself; I bathed my forehead — it did no good. Views Read Edit View history. Spencer Spratley rated it really liked it Jun 16, The ebb and flow of its inconceivably solemn tone filled me with a grief that was more than human.

We were in a vast hall, of which my friends and I occupied opposite extremities. At last I was in the street.


The Hasheesh Eater: Being Passages from the Life of a Pythagorean

To record my impressions in that journey would be to repeat what I have said of the time of hasheesh. Young Ludlow had read De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium Eater, and was probably influenced as well by the French accounts of hashish eating published in the s.

Showing of 5 reviews. Going to my own room, I took out my watch, and placed my hand upon my heart. Ludlow recognized also the lack of physical symptoms during withdrawal, and the difference from opium withdrawal in this respect. hasheesy

The Hasheesh Eater: Being Passages from the Life of a Pythagorean by Fitz Hugh Ludlow

I had entered upon a tremendous life which they could not share. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. On one hand, Ludlow’s florid descriptions of his “fantasias” while on hashish were as purple, lush, and wild as could be imagined.

A first person account on eating “weed. I acknowledged hashessh force of this remark very much as if it hasheesn been made by another person, and rose to take my leave. A fitful wind all the evening had been sighing down the chimney; it now grew into the steady hum of a vast wheel in accelerating motion.

The beating of my heart was so clearly audible that I wondered to find it unnoticed by those who were sitting by my side. I never could get down! Slowly the revolution of the wheel came to a stop, and its monotonous din was changed for the reverberating peal of a grand cathedral organ. I could not bear it. See more at The Public Domain Review site.

A shock, hashewsh of some unimagined vital force, shoots without warning through my entire frame, leaping to my fingers’ ends, piercing my brain, startling me till I almost spring from my chair. Another fascinating piece, on addiction to hasheesh in the 19th century this time.

Annette McMillan rated it it was ok Dec 28, It was also hilarious to note how the annoying things about getting high on marijuana–dry mouth, paranoia, high suggestibility–know no historical bounds. Books aeter Fitz Hugh Ludlow. I threw it off and pushed hxsheesh away.


Not a trace of appreciation on any face. Well, imagine “that guy” had a poet’s tongue and a couple of genuinely interesting insights and you’ll have an idea of what to expect reading this book. And there was already controversy about the legality and morality of cannabis intoxication. The Adventures of Tintin in Pop-up! By this hasbeesh Ludlow had been rediscovered, both by mainstream researchers into drugs and addiction, and by the growing drug-savvy counterculture.

By the middle of the book, he is finding hashish to be a pathway to God: After the prohibition of marijuana, the writings of Ludlow were interpreted by two camps.

The dim light of hashdesh sky shone through the narrow panes at the sides of the front door, and seemed a demon-lamp in the middle darkness of the abyss. Sep 10, Tom Quinn rated it liked it. I was sitting in it at a distance of hardly three feet from the centre-table around which the members of the family were grouped.

He was free to try any chemical he wanted. Suddenly a sublime thought possessed me. I determined to find out. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Want to Read saving….

You know “that guy” you’ve met at parties who just discovered mushrooms and is really, really keen on telling everybody eatre spiritual and interconnected and alive he felt on his first drug trip?