ICICI Prudential GSIP is a traditional plan with limited premium pay option and bonus facility; The plan Offers Guaranteed Maturity Benefit. Can you tell me what kind of compounded anuualised returns I can expect from GSIP of ICICI Pru Life? I was made to purchase this policy by. I had taken three plans of “ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan” with a premium of 18k, .. I have also Taken GSIP during Feb,

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Read review of this fund at http: This is a non unit-linked insurance plan which offers limited premium paying option. This would need careful planning and a regular savings approach.

Sixthly, try getting an agent who is well-off and selling policies is not how ocici makes a living. I forced to continue the policy because i have continued it for 2 years and invested huge amount in it.

The policy is declaring a bonus on SA. Select City Mumbai, Maharashtra.

August 16, at 2: I clearly told after looking at reviews i will decide. You have completed the mandatory 3 hsip, so you can exit from the policy.

Please give me a minute more. Is there anything else I can help you with?


ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan | ULIP Plan – Details, Benefits & Reviews

If I pay the premium this year I would complete 7 years. A good investment plan is as follows: Okey Sir, Executive says: Even though insurance cover has now been added to the scheme, the bank manager still maintained that there will be no mortality charges deducted from the policy holder. The penalty that they charge for gsipp is so high that a middle-class person like me cannot afford to do so.

Iam putting per month so it comes to per annum and I have already completed 4 successful years. So if we go back to our example and say that we want to cancel after the 4 installment. I believe it is big risk to take up this policy.

I live in usa so cant talk to face to face icici [eoples who ttok gsop for aa ride for several laks, I know it si been so stupid of mr to trust them but if you can help I would appreciate that. That’s a good decision!

But now wanted to convert the policy to paid-up, as three premiums are paid. You will get much less than this. Re-checked it icicu times as i did not expect this number. Our Products Motor Insurance.

  IC 7500B PDF

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan

Yearly, Half-yearly or Monthly. So I could not cancel them within 15 days time frame. Know a Better Answer? Calculate IRR for my monthly cash outflows and return: Long term savings plan to ensure that you and your family are free of any financial worries. May be a simple FD will give you better. Policy Term in years.

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings insurance Plan

For your insurance needs go for term insurance and for investment needs look at growth assets. I have been frauded into buying polices for several laks.

So you invested 75 K till 3 yrs and you get at end of 3 yrs. Can someone tell me if there are any other penalties on the policy for not paying up remaining 4 years and is it a better decision than discontinuing the policy? When I tried to surrender, here is the math they sent me: