To cite this article: Leopold Bellak & Marvin S. Hurvich () A Human Modification of Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas Segun l Bellak Documents. Evaluacion Del to BASC2. Uploaded by. servicios_psicopedag · Modificacion de Conducta. Uploaded by. broken_promises · Cuadro de Las Funciones Yoicas. cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro. FUNCIONES YOICAS cargado por. avatar de cargador Miguel Angel Álvarez Castro.

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No fantasy or story describes card blandly 1.

C A T – HI T h e development of the original Childrens Apperception Test CAT prior to was based on a number of propositions, among them to pro- vide a projective test likely to pro- duce themes relevant for the person- ality of young children.

A reliability coefficient of. Critical score levels for each dimension were derived from previ- ous work Haworth, The validity of the Blacky pictures.

Child superior to adult, laughs at adult, is smarter, tricks adult, sneaks, 2. This article was downloaded by: Child fears, or is scolded or punished by, opposite-sex parent 3.

Bellak 1966

yoiczs S adds details, objects, characters, or oral themes 7. Slips of tongue with respect to sex of figures Of the various factors likely responsible for the conflicting results, there is variation among the studies in stimulus cards employed and in outcome measures utilized.

Open window 59 ; Dig, or fall in, a hole 5.

Picture eight presented the by now familiar problem of sexual identity. The number in parentheses under each of these blanks indicates the minimum number of checks regarded as a critical score for that category, For the Identification measure, the equivalent of a critical score is secured by comparing the relative number of checks for categories K and L.


I n constructing the Fynciones, there was an attempt to depict scenes which would elicit material relevant to im- portant situations and problems in the childs life feeding, rivalry, ag- gression, loneliness, interactions with parental figures, etc.


Describes in detail, logical; “the end”; gives title to story 7. TO preserve some of the possible stimulus value of the outdoor situation in primitivity, in romance, in fear of animals and of the wildthe tentlike nature of the structure was empha- sized by introducing the new feature of trees.

Funciones yoicas by Edward Müller Dirlewanger on Prezi

Similarly, an hellak of psycho- analytic propositions should be fruit- ful: Com- paring the consistency of defense mechanism scores between the two forms for the group as a whole, a rank order correlation of. The final quantitative measure consists of the number of categories funcionees critical scores and not the total number of checks for all categories. The relative utility of animal and human figures in a picture story test for 14, Controls weak or absent Prior to the construction of the CAT; Bender and Woltmann ar- ranged the themes of therapeutically oriented puppet shows on the assump- tion that children, like primitives, Downloaded by [ECU Libraries] at Literature suruey Studies relevant to the use of ani- mal as opposed to human figures have most recently been reviewed by Bellak and Adelmanby Bellakkand by Haworth Among the studies reviewed, those of Budoff and especially of Weisskopf- Oyicas and Foster suggest that some children do better with animal stim- uli, and some with human ones, and that these preferences may be associ- ated with specific personality vari- ables: Ghosts, witches, haunted house S identifies with same-sex parent or child character Lx Furuya tested 7.

Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution, reselling, loan,sub-licensing, systematic supply, or distribution in any form to anyone isexpressly forbidden. The company saw an opportunity to move into printing while the Predominantly seen as a game, rather than a fuunciones, on both forms, with the pair most frequently seen as the winner, especially on the human card.


Children are seen as play- ing, sleeping most often or being naughty equally on both cards; par- ents yoicass mentioned equally on both forms.

For 30 first-grade pupils of both sexes, no significant dif- ferences were found on 7 response roductivity measures, including num- ger of words, ideas, characters men- tioned, characters introduced, and re- sponse time indeces. Three different artists tried their skill in portraying the nature of the regular CAT in human form, follow- ing the instruction of Leo old Bellak pictures in the CAT presented vary- ing degrees of difficulty in that respect.

Picture ten, however, was redrawn many times until a version was finally reached, relatively ill-defined with re- gard to sex and still leaving the most frequent two choices available-being dried and cared for, or being spanked. The Human Modifications I n T h e Pictures The changing of the animal figures to human figures resented a number process highlighted many of the ad- vantages of the original choice of animals with regard to figures which were rather ambiguous as to age, sex, and many cultural attributes.

Adult attacks or scolds child To cite this article: Story tone opposed to picture content B. During the last fifteen years, a num- ber of studies have focused on a com- parison of the relative merits of ani- mal vs.