FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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FMC Wellhead and Fract Along with the knowledgeable advice of your FMC Surface Wellhead representative, this publication is designed to help you make informed decisions in specifying the best, most cost-effective solutions for your surface wellhead applications. There are a number of key drivers that factor into those decisions, not the least of which wellehad the reputation of the company whose brand is on the product. What FMC Surface Wellhead brings to the decision-making process is a unique combination of experience, performance, technological leadership, quality products and services, global reach and a robust HSE-driven commitment to safety with fc safety record that no competitor can match.

We ask you to take a moment to learn more about our company, its unique strengths and capabilities and why we should be your surface wellhead vendor of choice.

WellehadO-C-T introduced a welkhead type of casing head and tubing head that was an immediate success. O-C-T soon followed these innovations with another first.

At the time, completion wellheads Christmas trees were assembled and tested on-site — an expensive, time-consuming and dangerous practice.

O-C-T had a better idea, along with better completion wellhead components. The company introduced the first factory-assembled and tested Christmas tree, an innovation hailed as a landmark in efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. After only a few years of operation, O-C-T was on its way to setting the standard for the design, manufacture and service of the surface wellhead. The company that would become part of FMC Energy Systems — a quarter of a century later — introduced one innovation after another as it committed its resources to designing and manufacturing superior wellhead systems for a growing roster of customers.

Today FMC Surface Wellhead is one in a family of technologically related businesses providing innovative solutions for producing and processing oil and gas. Choosing precisely the right solution for your well can reduce both drilling and completion costs.

FMC Surface Wellhead can help you to optimize your bottom line. You ask, we listen. From engineering to sales to service, at the end of the day, this business is about one-to-one relationships: FMC Corporation acquired O-C-T in and committed the assets to enhance manufacturing and service capabilities, grow the business into the offshore sector and expand internationally.

FMC, itself an innovator in agribusiness and food processing technologies, traces its history back more than years.

InFMC became two separate and now unrelated companies: Consisting of nine distinct but integrated and synergistic operations, FMC Energy Systems is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of oil and gas exploration, production, measurement, control and transportation technologies. We understand budget and risk parameters.

We understand performance requirements. And we know time is money. We support them with state-of-theart materials-analysis wellhsad equipped to provide full-scale product testing that replicates wwllhead environmental and operating conditions.

Together, our businesses constitute a global leader in the design, manufacture, service and supply of oil exploration, production, measurement and transportation technologies. Innovations in valve design and in elastomer and metal-tometal seals technology, long experience in engineering and servicing wellheads for Arctic service and other extreme environments, and state-of-the-art expertise in materials have made FMC Surface Wellhead a leader in criticalservice applications, including: And if one seal in a wellhead fails, it can blow the budget with lost production and workover time.


Qellhead Surface Wellhead has developed seals that compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, and the larger API casing and tubing tolerances that create increasingly difficult sealing conditions. We design and manufacture our elastomer seals. Metal-to-Metal Seals Our oilfield customers look to metal seals as cost-effective technology for extending service life and improving production efficiency.

In general, metal seals last longer and provide more reliable service, especially in critical applications. We manufacture both self-energized, straight-bore, metal seals and externally energized seals.

We are continually adding value to our superb family of gate valves by listening to your needs, applying engineering improvements to our proven products and making them more cost-effective.

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FMC Surface Wellhead offers all Model Series Valves in independent loosevalve configurations for wellhead, tree and manifold applications. Optical microscopy and metallography TEST? Pressure and thermal cycle testing? As FMC Energy Systems grew and expanded, the organization was restructured to concentrate like technologies and services into nine highly specialized weplhead units, including FMC Surface Wellhead.

Standard Flanged Wellheads to Custom-Engineered Systems T Our company is proud to be recognized for its history of technological innovation and its reputation for custom-engineered drilling and completion wellhead systems. In 75 years of listening to your industry, our company has developed a broad spectrum of wellhead drilling and completion components, systems and services.

Our C casing head components, for example, introduced inquickly became the industry standard for this class of product and remain in high regard among company men, drilling engineers and crews, even as we continue to improve and enhance this outstanding line. For our customers, this broad range of solutions translates into the convenience of relying on a single source — FMC Surface Wellhead — to supply you with exactly what you need for your application, no matter what it is, where it is, how routine or how challenging.

FMC secures Peregrino wellhead contract from StatoilHydro – cDiver

For many wells, fc standard flanged API wellhead rated at 2, psi is the best choice for the budget and risk parameters. For deep critical-service wells, reliability is the driver: As location, depth, pressures, number of completions per well and other factors complicate the scope, hazards and degree of difficulty of a project, FMC Surface Wellhead is there with a solution that optimizes performance and minimizes your total well cost.

We are proud that our safety record outperforms the industry. The stats back this statement: Health, safety and environment HSE performance is a core value and will be managed as an integral part of our business to benefit employees, neighbors and shareholders. All FMC Energy Systems employees are responsible for With safety as a top-down, bottom-up responsibility — and with results tied to management and employee performance appraisals — our formal HSE safety program identifies and rewards behaviors that improve fmx practices.


FMC Surface Wellhead conducts ongoing safety training programs with daily, weekly and monthly service safety meetings. We also require formal job-safety analyses JSAs for all service jobs. The JSA gives our service technicians a convenient procedure for reviewing the job with the rig crew, heightens the awareness of safety risks, and focuses on using the right tools for the job.

L ine FMC Surface Wellhead understands that the cost of your wellhead system is part of your purchasing criteria. We also understand that the best way to reduce your cost is to use the right equipment for your application.

The only thing more expensive than a For more than seven decades, our company has demonstrated the ability to supply worldwide to the oil industry with wellhead systems that have matched the applications requirements.

We know about wellhead equipment, and we know about delivering it around the world. Those make us feel comfortable offering you to reduce your cost by working together in the specification of your Thank you for taking time to learn more about our company. For additional information, go to www. The FMC Wellhexd Systems people you know and work with are part of a larger business entity which employs more than 8, worldwide. All of them speak the language of oil and gas exploration, wellhaed and production — and they speak it in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Norwegian, Portuguese, French and several other languages.


We realize that no two budgets, logisti- welllhead challenges, well conditions wlelhead set of risk factors are quite the same. All the more reasons to trust in wlelhead surface wellhead vendor who has decades of experience in a wide variety of drilling situations throughout the globe. Rig Savings Split Unihead? Standard Flanged Single Unihead? Separate spools made up as a single unit permit drilling two or more phases without removing BOPs.

Has fluted mandrel casing wellheae with ACME running threads. J-slot packoffs are held in we,lhead with standard lockdown screws. Utilizes lockdown screws for retention and energizing of seals.

Is designed to operate up to 10, psi wp.

Provides option to split drill-thru head to run emergency casing hanger. Simple packoffs with metal or elastomer seals are held in place with internal latch. II clamps for drilling risers and connections.

Utilizes internal latches or lockdown screws for retention of seals. Offers elastomer and metal-to-metal seal options. UWD 15 packoffs in metal or elastomer are locked with single-trip hydraulic tool. I clamps for drilling risers and fire-resistant connections. Offers high reliability for critical services. The standard system is rated to 10, psi and is H2S compatible. Higher-strength versions using alternate materials are available. During drilling, all landing sub and casing hanger connections are secured by metal-tometal seals.

For completion tie-backs, two metal-to-metal seals are simultaneously energized, one at the top of the hanger and another at the nose of the tie-back sub. The major time savings occur when the well is being abandoned. In the system shown, additional time savings are achieved through the use of Speedloc II connections on the spools.

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

The OBS surface wellhead has three functions: To suspend casing risers at the rig? To provide for annulus packoff seals between casing risers? All subsequent casing CM-1 The CM-1 is a subsea tree utilized to complete subsea wells on mudline suspension systems for shallow waters to feet. Allows fast-track completions resulting in early production. Proven, cost effective solution for shallowwater marginal field development. Allows to tie back to most mudline suspension designs.

Both those aspects were taken into account when we developed our Diverter Attachment wellhead product offering. The features we have incorporated in our Diverter Attachment Assemblies greatly minimize the amount of time one is required to spend on the wellhead deck during these operations. Time savings were also a strong consideration taken into account during the development of our Diverter Attachment assemblies.

Depending on which design is selected, the operator could achieve between 6 and 36 hours of rig time-savings.

Description The diverter wellhead assembly attaches to the conductor pipe by the use of the time-saving Slip Loc connection. The wellhead is provided with two load shoulders that allow the operator to land and pack off both conductor and surface casing without ever needing to nipple down. Both these connections save considerable rig time during installation.

If it is desired that returns be taken across the shale shaker, a flow loop can be installed during the cementing operation. Once cementing operations are complete, the pack off is run, locked in place and tested prior to nippling down.