Fallcrest stands amid the Moon Hills at the falls of the Nentir River. Here travelers and traders using the old King’s Road that runs north and. Map of Fallcrest. Map Key: Tower of Waiting; Upper Quays; Five-Arch Bridge; Silver Unicorn Inn; Knight’s Gate; Nentir Inn; Halfmoon Trading House; Moonstone. Nentir Vale High Resolution Players Map. This is a high resolution map of the Nentir Vale, the setting for our Knights of Fallcrest D&D campaign.

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Fallcrest is on the King’s Road.

By travelling along the connected roads one can reach Winterhaven, Harkenwold and Hammerfast. Fallcrest is a relatively small town. There is a main square that contains a market, a town hall, an inn and some houses.

It is here that Eraamion bought a map of the Nentir Vale for 15 gold and Orklan bought some torches. The party regrouped here after a ffallcrest hiatus.


Fallcrest (Map)

They were told by two guards that the Lord Warden wanted to see them. When they spoke to the Lord Warden of Fallcrest they were told that there was some trouble in Harkenwold and that if the party helped they would be greatly rewarded. When they returned victorious, Fallcrest was in the middle of a severe snowstorm. Crops had failed and the remaining food was being stockpiled and rationed.

The party had found that a temporary camp had been set up, in which a riotous crowd stood before the Lord Warden.

The town had been in the middle of rebuidling the Tower of Waiting, a base on an island that was intended as a reward for the party, but it had been halted due to the storm.

When tensions were at their highest, a ship full of undead warriors fell from the sky and crashed into the river. The party fought back and, despite the fact that numerous citizens died, were victorious.


Map of Fallcrest – Epic Words

Suddenly, the figurehead of the ship came alive and demanded for the return of the Ice Sceptre. Although the party did not have it, they noticed Marko Lancet trying to escape and caught him. They were then told that unless they returned the sceptre to the Winter King, the winter would become endless and the attacks from the undead would continue. Agreeing unanimously fallcredt help, the party, along with Marko and Viclamin Glabrezulordboarded the ship and set off for the Cairn of the Winter King.

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