Erfworld is a story-driven fantasy/comedy webcomic about a master strategy gamer summoned into and stuck inside a wargame. The first book, The Battle for Gobwin Knob was written by Rob Balder and illustrated by Jamie Noguchi. Erfworld was recognized as one of the top 10 graphic novels of by. Erfworld Book 1: Battle for Gobwin Knob [Jamie Noguchi, Rob Balder, none] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Battle for Gobwin Knob. Erfworld has ratings and 9 reviews. Arminzerella said: Parson Gotti (aka Lord Hamster) is called out of his world and into Erfworld (a sort of cutesy.

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Erfworld – Book 1 – Comic Rocket webcomic list

Now we have David, who is a working professional comics illustrator who works on an industry-competitive page rate. Questions about this project? Signy rated it really liked it Jul 31, Estimated delivery Apr Parson appears to be both disgusted with the bok he had to take, and also empowered by learning that he has control over his own destiny. The army then marches on Jetstone’s capital city with intent to take the city, which according to the rules of Erfworld ends book side and causes the remaining cities to become “neutral.

If you would like to donate via Paypal or Bitcoin, please message the project creator directly to arrange it. Bogroll was a character in the PartiallyClips strip, [50] and is the only drfworld between PartiallyClips and Erfworld.

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Injuries draw no blood in Erfworld, and damage is cured overnight. Estimated delivery Jul Retrieved 29 June Jan 26, Thomas Holbrook rated it really liked it. A permanent badge of honor will appear beside your name when you post in the Erfworld forums.

Want to Read saving…. Ansom’s coalition has many members, but most prominent in the story are Jetstone Ansom’s kingdomthe forces of Transylvito a vampire -like people and Archons hovering female fighters he has hired from Charlie, a powerful overlord and mercenary.

Mar 26, – Apr 25, 30 days. The Battle for Gobwin Knob follows both sides of the conflict, as well as opportunistic neutral parties, suspected traitors, and various forces with their own motivations.

The Battle for Gobwin Knob – Episode 001

He sends a force of dwagons to make hit-and-run raids on the coalition’s siege units, then draws Ansom into various traps as the coalition pursues the wounded dwagons. I have to pay them both!

All people in Erfworld appear fully formed as adults. This gives a total of twenty-four disciplines, which are described – along with any known details – in the tables below:.

Erfworld Archives – The Battle for Gobwin Knob – Episode

The narrative focuses on a complex story about warring factions within this world, but most installments also contain humor, puns, and side-gags about strategy-fantasy video gamesrole-playing gamesand references to history or popular culture.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s a way to bring erfworlv projects to life. Come and get on the Hippo Party Busand get your goodies signed and doodled by both Erfwworld and David, thanks to you! Estimated delivery Sep A book collection of the strip, “Suffering for my Clip Art: Magic can be performed in Erfworld by units called casters.

I found it very easy to become obsessed with Erfworld. Parson uses the fact that Charlie is not a Royal but still attuned to it to further provoke Ansom. Once the wall is breached, Ansom pours his units into the city and does a Dance Dance Revolution -style dance led by Charlie’s Archons, which gives his forces a massive bonus and leads them to victory.

He helped support the author and illustrator to publish this book by donating to their Kick I read comic books when I was younger. Using photos you send us, David Hahn will draw a picture of your Erfly counterpart, standing with your favorite Erfworld character Charlie excluded: What makes you think we’re the “bad guys? Wanda’s spell ultimately fails, however, and Jillian leads an attack that destroys the dwagons.