Por lo que el tratamiento quirúrgico debería reconstruir esta relación. Se han descrito varias técnicas quirúrgicas para lograr este objetivo. Cara posterior de anastomosis. Rodney Smith. Ducto. Incisión subcostal ampliada. Separador. Magnificación. GASTROENTERO ANASTOMOSIS SITUACIÓN Celda Subfrénica Izquierda VASCULARIZACIÓN MEDIOS DE FIJACIÓN CONFIGURACIÓN.

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Surgical technique for extravesical vesicoureteral neoimplantation.

Técnicas quirúrgicas para derivación bilio digestiva by Pau Moscone on Prezi

Nuestra tasa de reoperaciones es de 1. The uneven relationship between length and diameter xnastomosis the intramural ureter is essential for the development of vesicoureteral reflux VUR.

Surgical treatment should reconstruct that relationship. Several surgical techniques have been described to achieve this objective.

After more than 30 years of experience, in our hands the Lich-Gregoir extra vesicoureteral reimplantation technique shows excellent results. We describe the technique step-by-step, emphasizing the modifications introduced, also in its laparoscopic version.


The Lich-Gregoir extravesical ureteral reimplantation technique is completely described, reinforcing those technical details allowing the achievement of better results. We comment on the technical variations in the laparoscopic version.

Secondary de VUR was excluded. We registered age, gender, radiological grade, bilateralism, surgical time, and development of complications such as persistent reflux, contralateral reflux, postoperative urinary tract infection, urinary retention, postoperative obstruction, reoperation, the degree of renal insufficiency, and long-term follow-up.

Over the 33 years of the study period there were patients with primary VUR who required surgery. All ureters were reimplanted without modelling in a mean surgical time of 62 minutes for the open technique.

After a mean follow-up of two years 2 months Our reoperation rate is 1. There was not any postoperative urinary retention. Our success rate for VUR resolution with this technique is Based on the results the the authors think that extravesical ureteral reimplantation following the Lich-Gregoir technique is safe, simple, technically reproducible, efficient, and with a low morbidity to resolve primary unilateral and bilateral primary VUR.


Su incidencia se calcula entre 0. Esto expone la vejiga, Figura 4. Anastmosis no realizamos nueva UCG de rutina. Del grupo estudiado, pacientes presentaban RVU bilateral. Del grupo estudiado pacientes presentaban RVU bilateral.

Hubo otros 10 pacientes que presentaron RVU contralaterales. De los 8 pacientes que presentaron complicaciones solamente 6 1. Pediatric Clinics of North America, Pediatric Surgery, O’Neill, J.

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Pediatric Urology Practice, Gonzalez, E. Pediatric Surgery, Spitz, L. Embriology for surgeons, Skandalakis, J. Cirurgia pediatrica, Maksoud, J. Pediatric surgery, Aschcraft, K.:

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