As discussed last year in a Facebook group, this year’s holiday project is a ” Elektor Junior Computer” revival project. This means I will redesign. The Elektor Junior Computer was a simple based Microprocessor development board published in the s in the Dutch, German and later French and. Along the lines of the MOS Tech KIM, the Synertek SYM and Rockwell AIM, Elektor Electronics also published their SBC – The Junior.

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To help readers build featured projects, Elektor also offer PCBs printed circuit boards of many of their designs, as well as kits and modules. As far as the JC is concerned, the outside world is everything beyond the keyboard and display.

In the end, tube-based CPUs became dominant because the significant speed advantages afforded generally outweighed the reliability problems, most of these early synchronous CPUs ran at low clock rates compared to modern microelectronic designs. Since in the eektor test phase operation is going to be temporary, it can be jury-rigged at this stage. The four-digit date code indicates it was made in the 45th week of This line is again held high normally, this time by pull-up resistor R4.

When the information contained in RAM is to be saved for extended periods of junjor it is usually transferred to a more permanent form of data storage, cassette tape or floppy disc for example.

It will have juniog provision to accept and run a user-supplied program, such as downloading a elektot through a serial port to flash memory, or some form of programmable memory in a socket in earlier systems. All four dutch and all four english books! Ten address lines are utilised by the memory, leaving six.

The sixteen lines from ports A and B are also connected to a 31 pin connector for future expansion. Even the most sophisticated of computers obviously needs a power supply. This does not mean that it should stay that way. In a package with E,ektor hardware Juniod cards I recently bought, I found a little book and a floppy with Junior tape computerr. Unlike a general-purpose system such as a computer, usually a development board contains little or no hardware dedicated to a user interface.


A MOS Technology advertisement highlighting their custom integrated circuit capabilities. It was very elekto in that period, due to its low price following from the inexpensive and easy-access expandability. Care should, of course, be taken to ensure that the diodes and electrolytic capacitors are mounted with the correct polarity. The KIM-1 consisted of a printed circuit board with all the components on one side. Here are a few special hints:. In the gfedcba representation, a value of 0x06 would turn on segments c and b.

The active port is determined by the address bus.

If the display has the above, the next section can be skipped and you can move on to the mechanical assembly. Like the display board, the construction of this board should not present any problems. A PCB populated with electronic components is called a printed circuit assembly, the IPC preferred term for comptuer boards is circuit card assembly, and for assembled backplanes it is backplane assemblies.

The complete circuit diagram is shown in figure 4, the two component overlays are given in figures 6 and 7 and the two track patterns in figures 8 and 9. On electrolytics that do not have a plus sign, the positive end is identified in one of two fashions. This shows the Junior Computer is working properly. These are connected to port A by seven lines, to port B by four lines and to the control bus by two lines.

This is also indicated on the layout. They should be soldered onto the display board so that they protrude from the copper-clad side. These should be mounted so that the switch housings are on the underside of the board.

Elektor Junior Computer

In the later days the number of Junior Computer users exceeded the KIM-1 users and changed the nature of the club from professional users to a hobby computre. Later printing terminals such as the DECwriter LA30 were developed, however printing terminals were limited by the speed at which paper could be printed, and for interactive use the paper record was unnecessary.

Problems with the through-board connections should have been eliminated if the board was tested as outlined earlier. It was developed by the German engineer Loys Nachtmann. Either one elektot has an indented ring or the positive lead has a red mark. The computer can manage over half a million operations per second whereas the human may only be able to manage 3 or 4 during the same period.


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Computer terminal — A computer terminal junoor an electronic or electromechanical hardware device that is used for entering data into, and displaying data from, a computer or a computing system. As can be seen from the block diagram in figure 1, a micro computer consists of three basic sections. The IC eldktor allowed increasingly complex CPUs to be designed and manufactured to tolerances on the order of nanometers, both the miniaturization and standardization of CPUs have increased the presence of digital devices in modern life far beyond the limited application of dedicated computing machines.

Elektor is a monthly magazine about all aspects of electronics, first published as Elektuur in the Netherlands inand now published worldwide in many languages including English, German, Dutch, French, Greek, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese European and Brazilian and Italian with distribution in over 50 countries.

This process of successive selection of one device at a time is an elegant method of reducing the number of parts required for a particular application. Solder forming a bridge between adjacent tracks. On the x86 PC the floppy controller uses IRQ6, on other systems other interrupt schemes may be used, the floppy disk controller usually performs data transmission in direct memory access mode.

Elektor Junior Computer

Exactly how all this is carried out, however, is outside the scope of this chapter. Part of a Elektof ZX Spectrum computer board; a populated PCB, showing the conductive traces, vias the through-hole paths to the other surfaceand some mounted electronic components. You now apply power once again and.