Dynaudio Arbiter for sale. The Arbiter project was something that Dynaudio started ONLY to help with development of their speaker component. Dynaudio Arbiter power amp Home Stereo Speakers, Hifi Stereo, Hifi Audio, Dynaudio Arbiter Pre Vorverstärker Hifi Amplifier, Loudspeaker, Audiophile, High . Used Dynaudio Arbiter for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Power 2 x Watts into 8 Ohms, 2 x watts at 4 ohms and 2 x watts into 2 ohms. To category New Aribter. Der Rabatt wird automatisch im Warenkorb abgezogen. Lector Strumenti Phono Amp System. To this day, our Arbiter is still unlike any other amplifier ever built.

Not specifically developed for sales, but as the reference for perfect signal reproduction. To category Audio Devices. A small family Originally, the Arbiter was developed exclusively for internal use only; however, the interest for this magnificent amplifier was overwhelming, and it was decided to produce a very srbiter batch of 50 complete sets of Arbiter amplifiers for the public. Dynaco Stereo A.

Dynaudio Arbiter Amps, Pre-Amp and power Conditioner in Mint Conditions | Solid state | Audiogon

To use Spring Air with full benefits, we recommend you to activate Javascript in your browser. Wilfried Ehrenholz, Co-founder of Dynaudio, who led the team behind for the Arbiter, said:. Praised his time as best amplifiers in the world super rare mono blocks. This means the Arbiter nearly reaches DC: Impressive battery-power With its battery-powered design, the Arbiter is free from any fluctuations in the power supply dynaudioo avoiding the limiting effects of mains filters.


Its insides Yet, the Arbiter is obviously more than simply history, as it is packed with remarkable technologies: Mint condition from first Hand.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. However, we needed to test our speakers with an amplifier independent of limitations or sound characteristics in the development phase. So we were forced to consider alternative technologies. Due to its limited numbers, the Arbiter family has managed to retain much of its value on the second-hand market, and complete Arbiter sets in good condition have been seen traded for up to Many more features However, the Arbiter has much more than the above to offer: With its battery-powered design, the Arbiter is free from any fluctuations in the power supply while avoiding the limiting effects of mains filters.

The exceptionally precise state-of-the-art volume control is another characterizing feature of the Arbiter. From that need, the idea behind the Arbiter was born: Dimensions are approximately To category Hifi Literature. Genesis Digital Lens Jitterkiller. Matching articles and accessories 1 Similar products Customers also bought Customers also viewed.


Uncanny precision The exceptionally precise state-of-the-art volume control is another characterizing feature of the Arbiter. To category Studio Equipment. But what was the true reproduction of music? Over the past decades, we have witnessed quantum leap after quantum leap in the technological development and countless innovations.

To category Others and Accessories. The pre-amp Arbiter runs on lead-gel batteries charged before usage, which can keep it running for more arbitee 12 hours. Product information “Dynaudio Arbiter Power amps”. However, even with those advances it is difficult to find a modern amplifier able to match the Arbiter to this day.

Power 2 x Watts Uher CG stereo Manual. This page requires cookies.

Dynaudio Arbiter Power amps

Considering its rather large price tag, this rare amplifier sold surprisingly well and became a cult amplifier for the connoisseurs. It is the serial number 3 and 4 of 80 40 pairs built amplifiers. All known high-end amplifiers were tested against each other.

When it comes to bandwidth, the Arbiter dwarfs all competition, as it was designed to have absolutely no limitations for the signal itself and provides ideal dynamics and slew rates. Matching articles dynaucio accessories 1.