to do the motorcycle’s maintenance. For a professional service please contact one of our Ducati’s dealers. Owner’s Manuals. Year, , , , Items 1 – 6 of 6 Ducati Monster Manuals at The Web’s most trusted source for Manuals. View our full range of Ducati Monster ABS Motorcycles online at bikesales. – Australia’s number 1 motorbike classified website. Find the best deals.

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This warranty extends to 66 first person who Fuel Tank Filler Cap Fuel tank filler cap fig. Page 75 Withdraw the hose 10 upwards, leaving it attached to the tank breather and drain hose unions. Exhaust System H1 12 V W ; side light: Obey the legal requirements and observe national and local Never park on uneven or soft ground, or your motorcycle regulations.

Turn the key anticlockwise to the initial position and remove it.

Failure to follow these instructions will release Ducati Motor Holding S. Protect the motorcycle with a specific motorcycle cover that will not damage the paintwork or retain moisture. When the indicator appears, contact your Ducati dealer or Authorized Service Centre.

The cold start lever should be adjusted while the engine warms up to maintain an idle speed of around rpm. Rear shock absorber adjusters The manua, absorber has external adjusters that enable you to adapt the rear suspension to suit the load conditions. Page 77 Unscrew the screw 14 and recover the washer Page 88 Insert the screw 4 complete with the nylon washers 7 and screw 5 in the fuel tank cover 6.

The cold start lever should be used while the engine is cold 1 or max. Riding safety When the roadway is wet, rely more on the throttle to control vehicle speed ducti less on the front and rear brakes.


Withdraw the breather hose 10 from the cover 8. Riding the motorcycle Up to km During the first km keep an eye on the rev counter.

Ducati Monster – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, one for the frame fig. Stopping The Motorcycle Stopping the motorcycle Reduce speed, change down and release the throttle twistgrip. Choose your country or region Monstsr mileage, less service, to enjoy your Ducati to the fullest. Seat Lock And Helmet Holder Seat lock and helmet holder Opening Put the key in the lock and turn it clockwise while pushing downwards in the vicinity of the latch to help release the pin.

Multistrada S D Air.

Time to reconceive the heights msnual performance and technology and rewrite the rules of adventure. Braking Slow down in time, change down to use the engine brake, then apply both brakes. Important Visually inspect the tyres at regular intervals for cracks and cuts, especially on the side walls, and bulges or large mobster that indicate internal damage.

Enter the Land of Joy. Locate the front tank cover 3 on the fuel tank. Code Card Warning Keep the keys separately and use only one of the black keys to start the motorcycle. Remove the elastic retaining strap 19remove the caps from the terminals, unscrew the screws 22 on terminal clamps 20 and 21always manjal with the negative terminal, then remove the battery from its seating.

Air temperature indicator vs.

When you switch the LAP function off from the menu, the lap in progress will notbe saved. The brake fluid used in the brake system is corrosive. B Right Side Right Side fig. The service indiactor will remain on the display until the system is reset by the Ducati Service Centre who carry out the service. Page 74 Unscrew the three retaining screws 9 and release the cover 8.


The highest peak of technology and Ducati design to reach the maximum mnual. Important Do not rev the engine when cold. Page 38 If there are several errors, they are displayed in rolling mode every 3 seconds.

EU At Key-On the system automatically enters this function. Never grease or lubricate the intervals depending on the type of use and according to brake discs.

The SuperSport is the road sporty bike that brings energy and sport emotion everywhere, from weekend to everyday roads. The model is scrolled on the display once only.

Fit the three screws 9remembering to fit the longest screw in the lower hole, and tighten to a torque of 10 Nm. A “symphony” of performance.

Page 13 10 2-position switch A and B. Authorized Service Centre to have the system inspected Brake and clutch fluid must be topped up and changed at and the air bled from the system. More mileage, less service, to enjoy your Ducati to the fullest. Warning Failure to observe weight limits could result in poor handling and impair the performance of your motorcycle, and could result in loss of control.

DUCATI MONSTER 696 Owner’s Manual

Warning Use both the brake lever and the brake pedal for effective manuak. Page 24 Oil temperature indicator This function displays the engine oil temperature. If any motorcycle part is tampered with, modified, or replaced with parts other than original Ducati spare parts during the warranty period, the warranty is automatically invalidated.