Digital Audio Effects (DAFX) is the name chosen for the European Research Project COST G6. DAFX investigates the use of digital signal processing. DAFX: Digital Audio Effects Second EditionDAFX: Digital Audio Effects, Second Edition. Edited by Udo Zolzer. ¨ © Digital Audio Effects (DAFX) covers the use of digital signal processing and its applications to sounds * Discusses digital audio effects from both an introductory .

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To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. Skip to content Skip to search. Physical Description xxi, p. Published Chichester, West Sussex, England: Language English View all editions Prev Next edition 3 of 9.

Other Authors Amatriain, Xavier. Sound — Recording and reproducing — Digital techniques. Signal processing — Digital techniques. Summary “This book investigates digital signal processing, its application to sound, and how its effects ufo sound can be used within music.

The first edition developed in association with the annual International Conference on Digital Audio Effects, and this book have been critical in the advancement of the field, both in research and industry. Rapid zolzwr in different fields of Digital Audio Effects has led to new algorithms, and this new edition will combine these with improved presentation of the basic concepts and discussion of the related technology.


It will cover filters and delays, modulators and demodulators, nonlinear processing, spatial effects, time-segment processing, time-frequency processing, source-filter processing, spectral effwcts, time and frequency warping musical signals, as well as dgital new chapters on the recent developments in virtual analog effects, automatic mixing, and sound source separation. Each effect description will begin with a presentation of the physical and digitall phenomena, followed by an explanation of the signal processing techniques to rigital the effect, and some musical applications and the control of effect parameters”– Contents Machine generated contents note: Classifications of DAFX 1.

Classification based on underlying techniques 1. Classification based on perceptual attributes 1. Fundamentals of digital signal processing 1. Spectrum analysis of digital signals 1.

Filter classification in the frequency domain 2. State variable filter 2. Basic delay structures 2. FIR comb filter Contents note continued: IIR comb filter 2. Universal comb filter 2. Fractional delay lines 2. Delay-based audio effects 2. Flanger, chorus, slapback, echo 2.

Natural sounding comb filter 2. Conclusion Sound and music 3. Frequency and phase modulator effecst. Rotary loudspeaker effect 3.

Basics of nonlinear modeling Contents note continued: Dynamic range control 4. Compressor and expander 4. Musical distortion and saturation effects 4. Overdrive, distortion and fuzz 4. Harmonic and subharmonic generation 4. Exciters and enhancers 4. Concepts of spatial hearing 5.

Head-related transfer functions 5. Perception of direction 5.

Perception of the spatial extent of the sound source 5. Perception of distance 5. Basic spatial effects for stereophonic loudspeaker and headphone playback 5.

Amplitude panning in loudspeakers 5. Time and phase delays in loudspeaker playback Contents note continued: Listening to two-channel stereophonic material with headphones 5. Binaural uddo in spatial audio 5.

Listening to binaural recordings with headphones 5. Modeling HRTF filters 5. HRTF processing for headphone listening 5. Virtual surround listening with headphones 5. Binaural techniques with cross-talk canceled loudspeakers 5. Spatial audio effects for multichannel loudspeaker layouts 5. Coincident microphone techniques and Ambisonics 5.


Synthesizing the width of virtual sources 5. Time delay-based systems 5. Time-frequency processing of spatial audio 5. Basics of room acoustics 5.

DAFX: Digital Audio Effects – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

Convolution with room impulse responses 5. Modeling of room acoustics 5. Classic reverb tools 5. Feedback delay networks 5.

Time-variant reverberation Contents note continued: Modeling reverberation with a room geometry 5. Other spatial effects 5. Digital versions of classic reverbs 5. Variable speed replay 6. Historical methods – Phonogene 6. Synchronous overlap and add SOLA 6. Historical methods – Harmonizer 6. Pitch shifting by time stretching and resampling 6. Pitch shifting by delay-line modulation 6. Time shuffling and granulation 6.

Phase vocoder basics 7. Filter bank summation model Contents note continued: Phase vocoder implementations 7. Filter bank approach 7. Phase unwrapping and instantaneous frequency 7. Phase vocoder effects 7.

Mutation between two sounds 7. Linear predictive coding LPC 8. Vocoding or cross-synthesis 8. Spectral interpolation Contents note continued: Pitch shifting with formant preservation 8. Loudness-related sound features 9. Spatial hearing cues 9.

Mapping sound features to control parameters 9. The mapping structure 9.

DAFX: Digital Audio Effects, 2nd Edition

Examples of adaptive DAFX 9. Adaptive effects on loudness 9. Adaptive effects on time 9. Adaptive effects on pitch 9. Adaptive effects on timbre 9. Adaptive effects on spatial perception 9.