DA FORM 2028-2 PDF

DA 2 FORM 1 JUL 79 TEAR ALONG DOTTED LINE BE EXACT PIN POINT WHERE IT IS from MSC at Jacksonville State University. DA Form Hand Receipt/Annex Number. DA Form Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet DA Form Equipment. Mail your letter, DA Form (Recommended Changes to. Publications and Blank Forms) or DA Form located in back of this manual.

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Shielding – Any material or obstruction which absorbs radiation and thus tends to protect personnel or materials from the effects of a nuclear or atomic explosion. T E 208-2 T – To verify serviceability and to detect incipient failure by measuring the mechanical or electrical characteristics of an item and comparing those characteristics with prescribed standards.

Check for frays 2028-22 tears. Each component is shown below. A full description of the radiac set and its individual components can be found in TM Assure that the test sample is securely attached to the radiac set case with the chain provided.

Why should they get your money? Case Harness 1 Inspect the harness for tears.

Handle in accordance with TB Reporting Errors And Recommending Improvements 1. Detects and measures beta and gamma radiation together of gamma radiation alone. Location of Components in Case and Equipment Labels Location of components while stored in the carrying case are shown below.

You can help improve this manual. Make sure that the gasket is seated properly in the recessed groove and remove any excess cement from around the edges.


Please note that in the first column. The Radiac Set consists of: Takes pulses from the probe and com verts them to constant amplitude pulses which are applied to the meter circuit. Reporting Errors And Recommending Improvements. If you find any mistakes or if you.

da form 2 –

ALIGN – To adjust specified variable elements of an item to bring about optimum or desired performance. Six BA Batteries 1. Tighten the screws securely in order to maintain a watertight battery compartment. If the switch is loose, tighten setscrew so the switch stops at each setting. Hand Receipt -HR Manuals. If the unit of measure corm from the unit of issue that will satisfy your requirements.

Check for cracks or breaks. Inspect for tears in the cables.


Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. This manual supersedes so much of TM 2 Septemberincluding all changes that pertains to the Organizational Maintenance. Provides an audible indication of radiation detected by the probe.

Feel free to share, republish, sell and so on. Our interest is in what you have to tell us, and you will receive a reply. Handle the test sample by the active colored end. Replace or repair as necessary.

Overhaul does not normally return an item to like new condition. As an aid to property accountability, additional -HR manuals may be requisitioned from supply channels. Rebuild is the highest degree of materiel maintenance applied to Army equipment.

Covered storage is required. If a malfunction is not listed or is not corrected by performing listed corrective actions, notify your Supervisor and evacuate to higher maintenance for repair.


Keep the test sample in the case when not in use. Should you receive spare tubes by mistake, return to stock immediately. Our interest is in what you have to tell us, and you will.

Maintenance functions will be limited to and defined as follows: Check the equipment against the packing list to see if the shipment is complete. Before placing an item in administrative storage, the next scheduled preventive maintenance checks and services should be performed, all known deficiencies corrected, and all current modification work orders applied. R E P A I R – The application of maintenance services inspect, test, service, adjust, align, calibrate, replace or other maintenance actions welding, grinding, riveting, straightening, facing, remachining, or resurfacing to restore serviceability to an item by correcting specific damage, fault, malfunction, or failure in a part, subassembly, module component or assemblyend item, or system.

R E P L A C E – The act of substituting a serviceable like type part, sub-assembly, or module component or assembly for an unserviceable counterpart. Check that the knob is not cracked or missing.

TM 11-6665-209-20 – Liberated Manuals

Do not use excessive force to tighten setscrew. Inspect for broken clasps or handles. Case Radiacmeter 1 Inspect for grease, dirt and fungus. Supply required voltages to the tubes in the probe and to the amplifier and pulse shaping circuit.