Christopher Cattan Geomancy Introduction to Astrological Geomancy The 16 Geomantic Figures Asking the Question & Generating the Mothers The Geomantic. The Geomancie of Maister Christopher Cattan Gentleman – Free download AMORC Cosmic Geomancy as Used by the Veiled Prophets PDF. Christopher Cattan, The Geomancy of Master Cattan Marsillio Ficino, Three Books on Life Robert Fludd, De Geomantia Islamic folk magic & commerce.

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Just to throw out an idea of how we might use company in terms of the triads note that these techniques have not been verified or tested: No matter what the querent might attempt, the situation will continue unfolding as it will.

In this case, now that we have Coniunctio as a cosignificator of the querent, we see that the chart does, indeed, perfect by mutation in houses IX and X, with Puella and Coniunctio beside each other.

Company by Fire same Fire line shows that both parents want the same thing out of the situation. Download it when you can! Before, the rule of company was more than a little confusing in its importance and use, but now Cattan can see a bit more use and interesting qualities in it when put into the context of the Shield Chart.

The first appearance in print of the book of Geomancy bearing Cattan’s name is in a form revised and augmented by an editor. It is a little frustrating that so few figures can enter into company zodiacal with each other, however, but I think that might also be for the best. Now, all that said, let me answer that last question the forum member on Facebook asked: I normally use the planetary order of the figures in my posts and tables lunar figures, Mercurial figures, Venereal figures, …, nodal figuresbut it struck me that several Western authors all had it that Laetitia was given to A, Tristitia to B, Rubeus to C, and so on.

Christopher Cattan

First, note that the Part of Fortune and the Index can only fall in even-numbered houses e. Complete harmony and support.

Another rule [to know for what intent a chart was made for] is to take all the uneven points of all the twelve figures, geoomancy give one to the first, one to the second, one to the third, and so consequently unto all the others, until that all the points gfomancy bestowed, cattah then if the last point remain on the first house, it signifieth thereby that the person hath desired to have that figured be made upon some of the demands which be of the first house; if it rest upon the second, it signifieth that the question or demand of the movable goods, or other things contained in the second house; and so shall you judge of the other houses where the point doth stay.


Plus, the Roman script is really the only script of the three that has seen cagtan and frequent changes in its alphabet over the millennia.

Christopher Cattan – Astrogeomancy – Astrological Society

The author has prepared figures at the direct requests of Seigneur de Thais himself p. Add up the number of all points in the twelve houses of the House Chart. In geomancy, that second step is the whole process of developing the four Mothers and the rest of the chart from them.

There is fattan another company of figures which be taken by points on high of the said figures, as by example if Aquisitio christtopher in the first house, and Albus in the second, the which because they be both good figures, and be equal of points in the upper part, and that out of them is taken another which is Caput draconis likewise equal in the upper part, it is thereby signified that both they be of great force in things good and hot, and that by the occasion that the fire is the first next unto the Planets, and principal Elements of all the other, unto whom the first points of the figure be attributed.

The Geomantic Study-Group on Facebook is thriving geomzncy over a thousand members, including a good number from Arabic-speaking countries who are, God bless them, actually willing to share and discuss Arabic methods of geomancy.

Label the terminals for the Via Puncti with the elemental glyphs above the Mothers and Daughters, where possible.

Christopher Cattan – Wikipedia

I touched on this very briefly in my old post on geomancy and magicbut now the reasoning behind it all becomes clear. And this Arte may be made upon the Earth, or in white Paper, or uppon any other thing, whereon it may commodiouslie bee done, so that the prickes and lines may be knowne.

Just to throw out an idea of how we might use company in terms of the triads note that these techniques have beomancy been verified or tested:.


I also want to note that the source Melvin-Koushki is referencing came from the late 16th century, and his sources likely came from much older ones; by that point, geomancy was already around or years old.

The Part of Fortune is a weird part, because it actually has two formulas to calculate it, only one of which is used depending on whether the horoscope is that of a day chart Sun above the horizon or a night chart Sun below the horizon:.

Instead, it makes more sense for the Part of Spirit to only rely on odd points the points that represent active elements, excised and above the world of passive matter and the Part of Fortune to rely on both odd and even points the co-mingling of active Spirit and passive Matter that results in the world around us.

You can see the different steps I took broken down by the above list fairly clearly as I did them orange, red, green, yellow, pink, blue, cyan: Not mentioned in Heydon, nor do Fludd or Cattan say how one gets a syllable based on a single figure.

You know I know a lot about it, and I daresay I do myself. Internally, the action and thoughts are the same, but externally, they are distinct. I tried my own hand at developing my own set of correspondences, hearkening back to my works with grammatomancy and stoicheia.

If the final number is 0, this stands for the twelfth house.

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Richard Napier, rector of Great Linford in. The remainder points to the house of the Part of Fortune. Company capitular is formed when both houses have different figures ruled by different planets and are not reverses of each other, but share the same Fire line e. Likewise, the geomantic Part of Spirit indicates the same but for the spiritual life of the querent: Okay, enough reciting from resources.

When it comes to company capitular, much like the case with the Via Puncti being limited in the literature to just the Fire line, we crhistopher also expand this rule a bit to focus on the similarity of the figures based on which of their lines are in agreement.