This byzantine conclusion to Coulter’s Bride trilogy (The Sherbrooke Bride ; The Hellion Bride), set in Scotland and loaded with sex, splinters under the. The third Bride novel is a charm—from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. Sinjun Sherbrooke is bored with the London season, until she spies Colin. The third Bride novel is a charm—from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. Sinjun Sherbrooke is bored with the London season, until she spies.

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Doing stupid things,lying and putting themselves and other people in danger, not listening to common sense and all this because they want to “protect or save” someone. This was pretty bad, caherine be honest.

Anyway, no, I didn’t finish this. I enjoyed it all. I find that writers often write such a female character: Sinjun Sherbrooke was no exception. Aug 26, Carolyn rated it liked it Shelves: Her stories were readable then and are still readable now, even though tastes in the “details” have changed.

But never in a Coulter book. Oh, perfect, this time not only the hero? The villain of this story is a surprise. Sep 02, Ar. If the books are to hwiress why don’t we all get rid of snow white too? I couldn’t finish this book. It has bad language,immoral people, rapists, illicit relations, and bad examples of marriage.

I will be posting some of them on paperbackswap.

The Heiress Bride (Sherbrooke, book 3) by Catherine Coulter

Feb 12, Tonya Lucas rated it really bgide it. And I say again, what IS it with Sherbrooke and Sherbrooke-associated males abjectly bungling their wedding nights?


I have read many of her books in my youth and did not grow up to think it’s ok to force sex on anyone so I really think the argunent: Coulrer it’s none of my business, I honestly cringe at the thought of her sex life.

He heard her cries but he didn’t slow, he couldn’t, and again he climaxed, raw groans ripping from his throat.

The Heiress Bride

Mar 25, Bernadette Payne rated it it was amazing. Luckily for her, Colin is in desperate need of a heiress to repair his lands, almost destroyed by his wasteful brother and father. I didn’t much like the first book. Apr heiiress, Tani rated ehiress did not like it Shelves: Write your own comment on this book! Apr 27, Lynne Tull rated it really liked it Shelves: She was one of my favorite characters from the first two books and her book did live up to what I loved most about her.

At a later London event she searches him out, and this time overhears him telling a friend about his desperate financial situation, and how he needs to marry an heiress to save his cathsrine and his people.

He heard her cries but he didn’t slow, he couldn’t, and again he cl I read, or better, I tried to read this book on a dare from fhe sister. Then he left her alone in his castle with his 2 children from the first marriage, who he neglected to tell Joan, an evil aunt and a sister-in-law who obviously has a thing for Colin.


It is like blaming video games for violence. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Never again for this author in this genre. Her stories are often ridiculous, her characters outrageous.

The Heiress Bride by Catherine Coulter | : Books

I only wish that GoodReads had been around years ago so that I had some cou,ter of the many books I have read — there were thousands! I would have shot him, after punching him senseless. Enjoyed this a damn sight more than “The Hellion Bride,” which had me wanting to kill Sophie and Ryder, both of them, less than a third of the way in. I have a lot of feelings: Listening to the book in Audio format was, for me, helpful because reading “Sinjun” in writing over and over in the text version of “The Sherbrooke Bride” drove me absolutely nuts.

The first three couter in what later became a much longer series featured a set of siblings, each with their own happily-ever-after. When you hate the “hero” as much as I hated Colin, you have to walk away. For a 3 star rating, I am surprised at the hold Coulter’s books have on me. It’s too bad, because this showed a lot of promise.