Van den Broeck – Prolians Catalogus First page 1 Next page Last page. Made with FlippingBook flipbook maker. Les magasins Prolians MPS pour tous les professionnels: produits métallurgiques, quincaillerie, outillage, fournitures industrielles, . Prolians has committed to supporting Un maillot pour la vie, an association To mark the launch of the 1st PROLIANS COMPLETE catalogue, the Group is.

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Résultats pour votre recherche MPS

A hydraulic hoisting beam suited to handling welded mesh panels is now being used in many Prolians agencies. Manufactured in France, this piece of equipment improves safety removes the risk of falling from heightas well as the productivity of handling operations 4 times higher.

This equipment is suited for existing forklift trucks and does not require any prior training for operators. The environment safety booklet was first drafted about 20 years ago in It contains approximately 50 pages and provides information on how to actively participate in the onboarding of new employees.

It is updated regularly so that our teams can keep using it as an information and awareness-raising tool. The version is now available. Prolians has committed to supporting Un maillot pour la vie, an association sponsored by rugby player Fabien Pelous and backed by many professional athletes.

In order to proliane awareness and train our sales representatives on inherent occupational health risks vibrations, noise, dust, etc.


A flexible and modern e-learning solution is perfectly compatible with sales representatives’ schedules and reduces travelling time. The prevention criteria noise, vibration, dust, weight, etc. These actions play a positive role in the user’s working conditions and environment. We drafted this report on the basis of the Positive Program and in accordance with the social and environmental transparency requirements for companies.

It reflects our vision of an economic growth that is both eco-friendly and fair catalgue a social and societal level. This power source preserves air quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. A choice that falls in line with the measures announced by the Paris City Council.

Batriboxes and box-pallets will be put in place for this collection. For the 4th consecutive year, nearly operations managers gathered together throughout the Group’s 12 regions for a day dedicated to Safety catalouge the Environment.

Inthe subject is chemical products, in order to understand the regulatory changes CLP, ICPE, … and to prevent risks, both to our colleagues and our Clients.

The expectations of our clients, our knowledge, the products and our suppliers are all changing; therefore our range of responsible products must constantly progress. Three workshops were organised in September for the Product Managers of the Group in order to improve the performance of our responsible purchasing policy. This initiative is supported by the suppliers, and its aim is to offer products that meet a number of key sustainability criteria, important at every stage in the life cycle of the products.

This selection will be continually updated, and currently includes more than products!


Espace Cadeaux Prolians ACCUEIL

The sorting, recycling and recovery of waste produced by our activities is at the core of the Positive Program. A national project to quantify the waste, its nature and logistics has been undertaken.

It will achieve a significant decrease in volume and costs generated. In Aprilthe Environmental Code introduced an eco-tax for household waste management derived from chemical products, depending on the nature of the product and the volume of the containers.

Included in selling prices, this eco-tax ensures the treatment of this household hazardous waste HHW and limits the impact on both environment and human health. The environmental organisation Ecofolio, in the context of its new accreditation, has implemented an eco-differentiated scale to promote good practices.

Catalkgue to maintain a healthy and safe work environment, the Group has improved its direct and visual communication tools.

The Group is continuing its sponsorship of the Sport dans la Ville association and joins the “Job dans la Ville” program intended to encourage the training and professional integration of young people in companies, as early prllians 14 years old. Home Our commitment Positive actions. Example of a sustainable approach A hydraulic hoisting beam suited to handling welded mesh panels is now being used in many Prolians agencies.