Cambridge Checkpoint Science P2 Specimen Mark Scheme SCIENCE /02 For Examination from Paper 2 SPECIMEN MARK SCHEME 45 minutes MAXIMUM MARK: 50 . English Literature Sample Paper SAMPLE PAPER. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge Primary Checkpoint ENGLISH /02 For Examination from Paper 2. UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS Cambridge Primary Checkpoint ENGLISH /01 For Examination from Paper 1.

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A wider variety of connectives is used appropriately, e. All punctuation is used accurately, including speech punctuation. Balance of coverage of ideas is appropriate. Commas are always used in lists and sometimes to mark clauses.

Vocabulary is used effectively to create a strong image. Compound sentences are used but connectives are simple, e. Complex sentences are used to create effect, using expanded phrases to develop ideas; e. He is described as a bird crow because birds seem to like him, he is old and his wild white hair made him look fierce like a hunting or angry animal.

Speech marks, if used, may not be accurate. Sentences demarcated accurately throughout the text. During the course of the story, the development of the character[s] is shown through actions and reactions. Paragraphs are used to help structure the cueckpoint. Connectives are simple, e. Spelling is mostly accurate, including words with complex regular patterns.


Award 1 mark for: The writer gives sufficient information for a reader to understand the contents; e. Ideas are organised simply with a fitting opening and closing that are mostly logical.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint English P2 Specimen Mark Scheme

Relevant ideas and content chosen to interest the reader; e. They pull are cambriddge onto the deck of fishing boats in nets. Speech marks, if used, are accurately placed around words spoken, although other speech punctuation may not be accurate.

No because they are not as common. There may be appropriate links between paragraphs. Each section has an opening statement.

Ancient means old and the Birdman was old. Total 3 Question 12 Part Mark a 1 real life story 2 Features of real life stories include: Award 1 mark if 3—5 of them are in the correct place. The story is concluded cambridgee and without rushing. The pearls find are found in oyster shells. Award 0 mark if extra apostrophes or other marks are placed.

Dialogue is laid out correctly, with a new line for each speaker.


Cambridge Checkpoint Science P2 Specimen Mark Scheme 2012

General features of text type are evident. Total 2 Question 13 Part Mark a 1 Some fossils are beautifully preserved. First, the oysters take are taken from the Award 2 marks for all 3 seabed by divers. Our numbers are now: Clauses are marked accurately by commas. Additional ideas from the last paragraph about wanting to meet the children, are possible.

Nark, the study of fossils, shows that life on Earth began million years ago.

Award 1 mark for 2 correct verbs. Accept answers which refer to the bird having only one good leg. Some awareness of audience, 5 4 Paragraphs sometimes used to sequence ideas. Clear viewpoint with a clear and consistent relationship between writer and reader established and controlled. Award 0 mark if there are 9 or more punctuation marks.