Brother, it ain’t all bad. What’s Europe done for us, after all? Dragged us unto not one but twoworld wars? Inflicted on us murderous political philosophies from. Tom Kratman is a U.S. science fiction author and retired United States Army officer. Big Boys Don’t Cry (novella; , ); A State of Disobedience ( December ) (ISBN ); Caliphate (April ) (ISBN ). Caliphate was written by Tom Kratman, the same author of the Carrera’s Legions series. As such, it was charged with political intrigue and posits a dystopic and.

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He accepts a transfer to the CIA, now renamed the Office of Strategic Intelligence, where he is tasked with infiltrating the European Caliphate to capture or kill renegade US scientists who are making a super-virus intended to kill millions to advance the Caliphate’s cause. Calipgate 12, Mush rated it liked it. Three things, I think. And I can certainly imagine the consequences as described in “Caliphate.

Product details Mass Market Paperback: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By the way, Fascism, being at least as strange and uncomfortable as Islam, would cause approximately as many to flee. The characters are at best two-dimensional, and the Muslims are almost universally wicked and liberals universally blind to the Islamic threat in the flashbacks, but the action is well written. They are denied arms, denied civil rights, denied a voice, and specially taxed via the Koranic yizya.

The relatively few Christians who remain in Europe are dhimmisecond-class citizens who are denied arms, civil rights, and a voice in the political process, and who are specifically taxed as specified by the Koranic yizya. As such, it was charged with political intrigue and posits a dystopic and controversial future. Whether it daliphate learning to use a firearm and maintain it in optimal condition, mechanical innovation, or anything else proficiency in which was best served by the old maxim, “Practice makes perfect,” those who hadn’t been raised as Muslims did far better than those who had.

Cxliphate only major power to oppose the Caliphate is the United States. This book really makes me think. The seething, hating, whining socialist, who hates achievement, who loathes what she perceives to be unfair American hegemony, who considers herself entitled to others’ earnings, and ultimately understands that in order to save herself and her offspring, she must appeal to the very nation she hates – America.


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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Also demographics play pivotal role – although number crunching is not always correct. They are denied arms, denied civil rights, denied a voice, and specially taxed via the Koranic yizya.

Caliphate is a great military thriller, but it also introduces real issues facing Europe and America today.

Book Review: Caliphate, by Tom Kratman | Sharp and Pointed

The characters in the book are very ambivalent about what America has become. Caliphate was written by Tom Kratmanthe same author of the Carrera’s Legions series. English Choose a language for shopping.

Nov 12, Jeff rated it it was amazing. Oh, perhaps they, as Susan Sontag did, simply feel that moral people will try to eliminate cancer where possible. A Pillar of Fire by Night Carerra. Discover Acliphate Book Box for Kids. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Hopefully, it won’t be too late, like it was for poor old see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil Gabi von Minden.

When did the Irish- Americans and Irish-Canadians cease their honor killings of girls who refused arranged marriages? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Remember, those are rough figures. Lists with This Book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Among other things, I learned that the reason that the 13th- and 14th-century Turks created the janissaries, an army whose rank-and-file and much of kratmah officer corps consisted of men who had been conscripted as boys from Christian, Jewish, and other non-Muslim families and made to convert to Islam, was that unlike those raised in Islam since birth, before conversion to Islam, those young men had had plenty of hands-on experience with experiment and practice to determine the best ways of doing things.

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Caliphate by Tom Kratman – WebScription Ebook

This book presents an unhappy future where the American Empire caliphare given up many of the rights that define America today is at war with Islam which governs in ever worse fashion. Excellent pseudo historical science fiction I really enjoyed the book.


Their sons are taken as conscripted soldiers while their daughters are subject to the depredations of the continent’s new masters. Lotsa luck in that search. It could have been a very good story but I faliphate that it kept getting bogged down in the expository background information and that too much of the plot existed only to explain the world that Kratman wanted the reader to fear.

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Definitely not a feel good novel, graphic, and disturbing, read it to increase your understanding of what is going on. Preview — Caliphate by Tom Kratman. The Gabi flashbacks depict Germany as it becomes more populated by Muslim immigrants and her romance with a non-practicing Muslim immigrant.

Every now and again, when the frustrations of legal life and having to deal with other lawyers got to be too much, Tom would rejoin the Army or a somewhat similar group, say for fun and frolic in other climes.

And I never said or even implied that you should have dealt with the question of Mexican immigrants in the body of the book. Although well written from an action point of view, the entire scenario is implausible. Sometimes that can work out. Their sons are taken as conscripted soldiers while their daughters are subject to the depredations of the continent’s new masters. Cha For anyone who is thinking of reading this book, be advised that a healthy appreciation for racism, graphic and borderline graphic depictions of child rape and oh, a whole lot of racism, are necessary to get even part of the way through this novel.

I’ve actually picked up the epub version of this book from the Baen Free Library. Mexicans and other Latins…. To equate them with authoritarian religious fanatics is kratmab offensive. In fact, Christ and Christianity are hardly mentioned in a US context.