The Big Takeover is an article by Matt Taibbi that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine. It is subtitled “The global economic crisis isn’t about. Taibbi is one of my favorite writers. His recent article on the financial collapse is a must read. His language is a bit salty, but I think the angst and. 15 Great Articles by Matt Taibbi – The Electric Typewriter – Great articles and The Big Takeover Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? by Matt Taibbi.

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Mar 27, at 1: Welcome mtt Democracy Now! I should have been called “The Big Screw-Over” I really can not take what Matt Taibbi writes too seriously. I think the broader trend here is the end of the American Empire. Non-commercial news needs your support. Many view the massive losses at AIG as the result of corporate greed combined with lax government oversight and regulation.


In recent history empires seemed to reach a peak and then continue on, partly from inertia and partly because nobody can figure out how to fill the void left by a weakening empire. What do you mean? Advertise Login Sign up. You compare this whole thing to a casino.

The Big Takeover – SourceWatch

The only people who understood these CDSs and these derivative instruments was the people who were actually writing these contracts. Noam Chomsky on Pittsburgh Attack: Maybe you come for our daily headlines.

Return to all Discussions. Start a new discussion. Maybe Matt the article’s author is his son For further information or additional permissions, contact us. These instruments were unregulated.

Does that help Main Street? This is viewer supported news. Is Rolling Stone still in print? Geithner, who has come under fire for not doing enough to block the bonuses, said he shared their anger.

“The Big Takeover”-Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone on the financial meltdown

tzkeover Mar 23, at 4: AIG was a company that had overemployees. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution.


Thank you so much. This is Treasury Secretary Geithner.

WootAre we really looking to Rolling Stone for serious journalism? Right now every donation to Democracy Now!

Mar 23, at 6: And under these new regulations, it was also allowed to choose its own regulator, mattt it chose the weakest and most impotent of the regulators, the Office of Thrift Supervision, which is one of the big reasons that it was allowed to sort of spin out of control.

Mar 23, at 7: Recent News A Disaster for Brazil: Please do your part today. We produce our daily news hour at a fraction of the budget of a takeovver news operation, all without ads, government funding or corporate underwriting?

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