Bhrigu Sutras, bhrugu. His famous compilation, Bhrigu Samhita, which contains the predictions for thousands of combinations, is popular even today. There is. The book titled Bhrigu Sutras in English in PDF format. 1Maharshi Bhrigu’s Bhrigu Sutras Introduction The original book BHRIGU SUTRAS, which I am translating has no introduction w.

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H e will suffer from chronic ailments of the body but he will be famous. Comments-The effects of the Moon in the fourth house as given above are relevant to the significations of this house. W bhdigu a great malefic like Saturn gives very beneficial results and functions as yoga karaka planet. There is controversy about R ahu and Kethu ruling some signs but the fact is that they being shadow planets do not own any signs but cast their influence according to signs in which they are placed, dutras lords of those signs, or according to planets influencing them by aspect or association.

M ercury is neutral to him. The whole of Cancer is her swakshetra. The conjunction of the Sun sutraw the lord of 4 th has been stated to be. The distance between the Earth and Moon is approximately 2,38, miles.

E ach sign of the Zodiac is owned by a planet who is termed as its ‘ruler’. Saravali-The native will be valourous, full of strength, respected, good looking, learned and conqueror of enemies. He suffers from eye diseases and is bereft of children and knowledge.


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D ispositions when V enus produces M alavya yoga, A mia yoga, D hana yoga and R aj yoga and their results. He will have many relations and many enemies. He will be a drug addict.

H e rules higher education and signifies judges, councillors, bankers, brokers, theologians, philanthropists, also science, law, reason and comparison. It is not clear how after getting a favourable turn in his life and attaining a high position, the native will not be well off financially. This will give rise to an excellent Dhanayoga which will make the native very wealthy and prosperous and a man of high status bnrigu will be seen from the following horoscope of the late Pandit Moti Lai Nehru.

I n the 32 nd year of his life he will get congenial environments. If the lord of the sixth is associated with a benefic, the native will enjoy good health.

Bhrigu Sutras by Dr S.P Bhagat (eBook) – Lulu

The M oon, as the satellite of the Earth moves round it and its path is also elliptical with the Earth as a focus, and plane of this orbit is inclined to hhrigu E quator at an angle of 28 degrees, so that the planes of the orbits of the Sun and the M oon appear to the observer on E arth to be inclined to each other at an’angle of 5 degrees.


If the Moon is full he will become very prosperous and his father will be long-lived. He will always be worrying. Sun and M oon are also considered luminaries.

M ars has sutrsa to do with one’s ambition and desires. Venus governs the throat, kidneys, veins and ovaries. When a benefic Mercury can become a malefic.

Bhrigu Sutras.pdf – Veda

Sutraas e will have meagre wealth because of the affliction by aspect of the 2 nd house which is the house of wealth D hana B hava. If three planets aspect the Sun, the native will be liked by -the king G overnmenthe will do pious deeds, will be very brave and valorous and earn good reputation.

N ote-lt will be seen that there is consensus that the Sun in the ascendant adversely affects the eyes. H e will have cataract in his eyes if the Sun be in Cancer.

Bhrigu – Veda – PDF Drive

If you need assistance with an order or the publishing process, please contact our support team directly. Sun is constructive and creative, M oon is preserving and formative. I n A ries, T aurus and Cancer the M oon has been held very beneficial. The head got the name of ‘Rahu’ and the body and tail ‘ketu’.