AS AxTrax Software Installation and User Guide. Page ii .. This Manual is compatible with AxTrax AS software Version and above, as well as . Setting ACIP Panel Type in AxTraxNG. the device. Settings are then stored in non-volatile memory on the device (see the AxTraxNG Software Manual ). other format supported by Rosslare’s AxTraxNG. Software Rosslare’s AxTraxNG software. ▫ Backed by Rosslare’s Various, please refer to AxTraxNG manual.

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No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic More information. In addition, you can set up search criteria to view the records more efficiently.

We cannot be held liable.

It is possible to drag the MultiView window out of the main screen and even drag the window to place at the second computer monitor. Click Yes to install Microsoft. Axtfaxng can click the name of the data group to type a different name.

GV-ASManager. User’s Manual V ASMVA-EN – PDF

Listening Music Deleting Songs When you come ll from the rosslare axtrax, become the site you Was to look the variations, or Windows Explorer. Make sure the above connection setup is correctly configured. Up to 1, user accounts can be created Adding a New User 1. An associated live view will pop up for alert when the selected event occurs.

Shows the work schedule of an individual employee. See Manually Disarming Inputs, page Use the Camera drop-down list to select a camera.


The AS Controller also provides 3 output relays for activating and deactivating electric lock, siren and emergency door release when the alarm condition occurs.

Click this button to reset all configuration parameters to their factory settings. For more information visit FTR Gold 5. For details see C. To convert the data from the source database: The system includes a builtin software security system that controls access to the system database, and logs all performed operations. Communications and task prioritization.

The rosslare axtrax, RO, will help recorded here with query BS in this center. Time settings can be copied-and-pasted between time zones. Type the duration of the alarm sounds in seconds. Holiday dates can cross over to the following year, and certain holiday dates change from year-to-year. When you select this option, a dialog box will pop up.

Would you like to install it manuql. If panels are connected and active, “Downloading” appears on the status bar after any downloaded parameter change.

Defines the days of mabual week when a user is granted access to a secure site. Integrated Control Technology Limited. Check the Account Is Disabled option if you wish to disable this user. On the menu bar, click Window and select New Window. Click the Set Connection button on the Options dialog box Figure The monitoring window will only display the messages based on the defined criteria.

Multiple custom monitoring windows can be added for your specific requirements. Active when panel disconnected – If the panel is disconnected from the AxTrax server, only the selected events are recorded.

  2MBI200N 120 PDF

Figure To assign a schedule template: Type a valid address and click the Test button to check if the server setup is correctly configured. C2 Pro User Manual V1. The assigned Weekly Schedule will be displayed on the associated door s field. Field Description Description Type a description for the panel. Define the following alert approaches: If a different camera view already exists in this frame, the new video takes its place. The user must be at a door that accepts axtrsxng members of that access group during a weekly schedule when access is granted.

Door access rights, alarms, and input and output behavior can all be set to behave differently within each Time Zone.

Access Control

Click this button and assign the firmware file for update. Shows each department s average work hours per person during the time period specified aztraxng the percentage occupied in comparison to other departments. Stop DST time Select the hour that daylight saving time ends.

You can use the Data Group drop-down list to assign the access group to a data group or select No Groups to disable the data group function. For details on the configurations, refer to and Configuring a Channel.