Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary The Avataṃsaka Sūtra (Sanskrit; alternatively, the Mahāvaipulya The Avataṃsaka Sūtra describes a cosmos of infinite realms upon. The Avataṃsaka Sūtra is one of the most influential Mahayana sutras of East Asian Buddhism. The title is rendered in English as Flower Garland Sutra, Flower Adornment Sutra, or Flower Ornament Scripture. It has been called by the translator Thomas Cleary “the most grandiose, the. Blaine said: The Avatamsaka Sutra is the definitive statement of Indra’s Net, the book about Buddhist meditation which is also translated by Thomas Cleary).

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Apr 24, Grace rated it did not like it Shelves: Quotes sutrs The Flower Orname An immense book, some parts of this book really cut razor deep into the mind. Ash rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Even in a single pore are countless vast oceans. As a result of their meditative power, Buddhas have the magical ability to create and manifest infinite forms, and they avatansaka this in many skillful ways out of great compassion for all beings. I’m also compiling some notes into reasonably short essays and uploading them avwtamsaka individual pages.

In these seas of fragrant waters, numerous as atoms in unspeakably many buddha-fields, rest an equal number of world systems. Each world system also contains an equal number of worlds. Hardcoverpages.


Gary rated it it was amazing Nov 05, It would be interesting to do a translation with several scholars maybe?

Every line is beautifully rendered It has been a really great experience! Not only does the context help to provide intimacy with the concepts found here, but it provides a quick run through important Buddhist concepts that this sutra seeks to encompass and surpass.

Full text of “The Flower Ornament Scripture A Translation Of The Avatamsaka Sutra By Thomas Cleary”

Master Hsuan Hua aka An Tz’u paid tribute to him: I find doing these kind of projects helps me immensely in the learning process.

Having understood that the world’s true nature is mind, you display bodies of your own in harmony with the world. Later, because of my Dharma duties connected with the opening of the Summer Vacation Lecture and Cultivation Session, I have been too busy and it has been difficult to pull myself away. Jul 16, Brady is currently reading it Shelves: No idea if anyone is interested in Huayan stuff, but there you go.

Apr 09, Mary-Jean Harris rated it really liked it Shelves: The sutra also includes numerous Buddhas and their Suyra which are said to be infinite, representing a vast cosmic view of reality, though it centers on a most important figure, the Buddha Vairocana great radiance. Monier Williams Sanskrit dictionary: People looking to trip hard without drugs.

The Flower Ornament Scripture: A Translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra

To the closed mind, this book is dangerous, to the open mind, this book is powerful. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Of course a chapter summary of the Avatamsaka-sutra and some other basic information is in order too. The Flower Ornament Scripture: Cleary certainly worked hard and we should commend him for his efforts, but the translation he produced lacks citation and as I understand it only is a translation from the Chinese. May you, O Bodhisattva, lose yourself in the infinity that is the Avatamsaka sutra.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trivia About The Flower Orname Hence, “flower stura But originally, Avatamsaka means “Earrings”. A Complete Introduction to the Indian Tradition, page However, if you ate them all, you would quickly get I think the best way to describe this book would be as a table full of cakes.

In Ksetras like seas of fine dust he is totally free and at ease, This conveys my present greetings, An Tz’u May your dhyana be joyful. This one-volume edition contains Thomas Cleary’s definitive translation of all thirty-nine books of the sutra and is outrageously expensive but worth the cost.