How to convert an image to PDF in just 2 clicks. This trick uses the Automator Service option on the Mac to add an option to your Merge PDFs in 2 clicks on a Mac · How to speed up mouse tracking on a Mac (without an app). I know, for comparison, how to combine PDFs into one document using either Preview or Automator. Is there a similar technique for JPEGs?. You can use Automator. Start with a Get Selected Finder Items, than add a New PDF from Images Action. Set the parameters you wish, then.

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This just changed my life!

Use Automator to combine your research photos into one PDF – Miriam Posner’s Blog

User profile for user: Thank you for posting this. Perhaps I should explore that function. Susanne – January 28, Reply. Thanks for the link autkmator my blog post about combining PDF documents.

Aubrey – May 24, Reply. Brian – March 23, Reply. I am having the same experience: Dallas Smuin – March 24, Reply. Apple ID Speciality level out of ten: Tanya – December 28, Reply.

A lot can go wrong with this workflow. Here is the link to those instructions. If I have documents that have an odd number of pages and I want to make them all even before combining them. Automator has great PDF […]. Dale – November 5, Reply. Brooks Duncan – April 23, Reply. Where each JPEG is less than the length of a sheet of paper, I would prefer to have all the images on one page, so that a reader may scroll up and down.


Now in Library on the right, choose PDFs.

Greg – March 28, Reply. LehsyaR – September 17, Reply. Thanks so much for this tutorial! How do I delete one of them?

Convert Image to PDF in 2 Clicks [Mac Automator]

Perhaps there is a permissions error? JMC – December 11, Reply. Thank you so much for this very helpful tutorial! I’m trying to create a very similar automator script using the Folder Actions option, so that every time I add a new PDF 1page to a certain folder it automatically combines with a certain PDF 2 page doc, to make a 3 page PDF which I can then rename etc as above. The only problem is I lose the color and grayscale. Happy New Year, and please keep up the good work.

One question — how do I put this into a loop, i. Is there a way around this? All I had to do is sort by Date Modified!

Convert Image to PDF in 2 Clicks [Mac Automator] | Paul Minors

Thank you so much for this. Anyway, thanks for your tutorial. Is there a way for me to have the program identify inro files that have odd number of pages and have them add a page at the end automatically, then proceed to combine the pdf? JR3 – October 13, Reply.


The second pane 2 contains the actions themselves: I realised this solution after I submitted the comment: The venerable, if somewhat bloated, PDFtk suite is a popular choice for the programming historian, but there are plenty of other options as well. Thank you so jppg for putting this up. This time around, I would like to focus on a potential solution for the latter task.

Ben – July 19, Reply. Select it and drag it into pane 3. This was a lifesaver. At the top of the window at the right, change the Service receives selected dropdown to PDF files. It can be saved as a service, so you can simply right-click any folder and run the operation within the Mac Finder.

Only thing I found that works so far!! CousinCocaine, Did you not see where ramonrails said, “without using any third party software like Gimp etc Ray – April 6, Reply.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Nick – October 7, Reply. It bundles little actions and makes them easy to repeat and perform on a lot of files. The first couple times it worked perfectly.