AmeriPlanMD Plus ($). 25*. $ $. AmeriPlan® Lifestyle Brochures ($ stair step or $ full price). 25*. $ $. AmeriPlan offers a unique opportunity to those who purchase a Platinum Plus This Platinum Plus brochure details all of the components of a Platinum. DisClOsures TO COnsuMers.: These discount medical plans are NOT health insurance or a MediCare Prescription Drug Plan. Membership in these programs .

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The letter below with a brochure sent in the mail, to interested prospects that you have already spoken with can be a powerful closing tool when others are just using the internet.

Fortune is in the Followup. You need to make sure to get back with these people within 48 hours or less.

Prospecting Letters – AmeriPlan Training

Use this letter to send with a brochure to friends and family. The purpose of this letter is to have them brrochures it on to a friend and for you to get referrals.

Order brochures in your back office.


Use this letter with one of the envelopes below, to mail with a dental or health brochure to amfriplan members who have an interest but do not immediately signup when you call. This is a letter to use if you are contacting businesses about an employee benefits package.

WAHM Forums

Your goal with businesses is to make an appointment, so in person contact is very important and preferable if prospecting brochurss. Use this letter to send an interested IBO Prospect more information.

When you get a new member for the dental, health or free RX plans it is important to send out a ameripla with your info and what to expect. This is also a great opportunity to insert a brochure and a few ameriplann RX cards for your members to share with others.

A member that uses the card and saves money will almost always tell someone else about Ameriplan. We all get a lot of emails everyday.

8 best Ameriplan images on Pinterest | Work from home jobs, Dads and Father

Many of those never get open. You ameriolan signed a new business partner and advisable to send them a welcoming letter and guidance on getting started with AmeriPlan.


Use this envelope when mailing out an AmeriPlan Healthcare brochure to interested member prospects. This envelope can be edited and used for letters going to employer prospects, new members and new IBOs. You must log in to post a brochurex. You can send emails right away and will have to wait for brochures to arrive in the mail.

AmeriPlan Dental Plus And Deluxe Plus Online Brochures

Make sure and send out 2 brochures with letters everyday once they come in. Remember to put your IBO brochres on the application on each brochure.

Make sure and add them to your tracking log and follow-up with them within 48 hours of the time they receive the information. If they ask you questions when you follow-up and you do not know the answers; get them on the phone with a team leader and we will help you. Google Facebook Twitter Pinterest.