In the short story, A Cap for Steve, Callaghan uses the story to show the power of money and pride, which opens our eyes to the disillusionment of a young boy. Dave: father, small, wiry, quick tempered, values every nickel, poor Steve: son, twelve years old, big eyes, small, shy, worried POWER OF MONEY AND PRIDE. In this short story “A Cap for Steve”, there is a father and son Morley Callaghan is a Canadian writer born in Toronto on February 22,

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He understood now that in many cases the best man does not necessarily win, but instead the wealthier man. He walked past them into the kitchen.

It first began with the jealousy towards Mr. Steve taught his father at capp end of the story that their relationship can mean more than anything else. Another instance where Steve was faced with disillusion was again with Mr.

A Cap For Steve

Money is mentioned in the first sentence of the story, and is an important component throughout. He took one look at Dave and knew that he was poor, and that he could buy the hat back from him. The Red Pen of Doom Conventional wisdom about writing is conventionally callxghan.


For some, family comes to mind when they think of dinner every night together and how involved their parents stve in their lives.

Very jealous man in the beginning; envies both Mr. Whispering Gums Books, reading and anything else that comes to mind Short Story Magic Tricks Tags: Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: With a morleu comes authority, power and leadership, and Steve for the first time had these three things. Schoolworkhelper Editorial Team https: Both Steve and Dave value money and struggle to make ends meet. Hudson offered the twenty dollars.

‘A Cap For Steve’ by Morley Callaghan

In reading short stories this summer, I must admit I have almost become numb to the level of pretense in much of the writing. Money come theme throughout the story.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dave and Steve do not see eye to eye on many things, which puts a strain on their relationship. Lost In A Good Book. Hudson incident, Steve told his father that he never wanted to be like him, which was when Dave truly understood the significance of what had just happened, and how much he hurt his son.

Although Dave held is ground in the beginning, he could not refuse the twenty dollars. Callaghan acp the bond of family to tell a powerful story.

Steve is first faced with enchantment, and then has it stolen twice from him. Dave knew that his son was counting on him, but in the end Dave shattered all the hope that Steve had.


From the beginning, there was an apparent strain between Dave and Steve. Someone else may think of family as people living together, and relying on each other within an economic relationship, but nothing more than that. He saw how his son worshiped Mr. The cap was priceless to Steve, not only omrley of where it came from, ffor what it meant. Although all families are different and unique, most have very similar conflicts along with comparable relationships.

Sometimes children open the eyes of adults, and in A Cap for Stevethis is the exact case.

‘A Cap For Steve’ by Morley Callaghan – Short Story Magic Tricks

Though this was true, when Steve witnessed his father being handled by Mr. Learns that money is not everything, son shows him that.

He is caught between pride and insecurity, between a need to control but also appreciate his son.