Cheap and enjoyable way to Bali vacation

Who is not interested in the beauty of tourist destinations in Bali? As is well known that Bali is a holiday paradise. No wonder indeed, Bali has such amazing natural charm. Even Bali Island of the Gods is considered the most popular island in Indonesia. Both domestic and foreign tourists will never miss an opportunity to be on a vacation to Bali. The coronation of Bali as the most popular island in Indonesia was given by TripAdvisor as The World’s Best Destination with Travelers Choice 2017. Along with the coronation, Bali succeeded in shifting tourist destinations in the world such as Paris, London, Rome and New York. best places to buy vacation rental property

Seeing the rapid development of Indonesian tourism, it certainly makes Indonesian people proud. Various reasons were conveyed, the reasons people were attracted to a vacation to Bali. Especially for foreign tourists, they prefer Bali over vacation to other countries such as London or Paris. Some sources say that they are more interested in holidaying to Bali because the Island of the Gods is the best and closest vacation spot to their country.

As an Indonesian, don’t be outdone by foreign tourists. They just traveled all the way from their country to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia, through the face of Bali. So what are you waiting for? When planning a vacation to Bali?

Talking about a vacation to Bali, the first thing to think about is definitely the cost or budget. This is reasonable because it must be taken into account. Maybe some of you feel a vacation to Bali will drain a lot of expenses because it is expensive. But you don’t need to worry about that.

1. Monitor travel ticket promos.

Tickets become the main capital for you to go to Bali. If all this time you feel burdened by the cost of a trip to Bali, then all you have to do is be diligent in finding promo tickets. How to? You must be diligent in hunting for travel promos to Bali. You have to look for tickets on weekdays or weekdays. Transportation ticket prices on weekdays tend to be cheaper.

2. Choose cheap lodging.

Don’t think that all lodging in Bali is expensive. You can use information from a traveling forum or your close friends. If you are observant, definitely find affordable lodging. The price is also relatively cheap with Rp 150 thousand to Rp 300 thousand. You can be even more efficient if you follow the backpacker style. You don’t need to look for a place to stay, just set up a tent on the mountain or on the beach with friends.

3. Rent a vehicle.

To simplify your trip, it helps you rent a vehicle, such as a motorbike. But if you want to use public transportation, you can. The cost of public transportation in Bali is not too expensive, but keep in mind it will take longer. More effective is renting a vehicle daily.

4. Choose cheap travel.

Bali is known for beautiful tourism. To be able to visit all the tours in Bali, you need a long time. So it won’t be enough if you take a 2-3 day vacation in Bali. It’s better to choose cheap tourist attractions even if you can free. Don’t think there isn’t, Bali has lots of free and cheap tours. Ticket prices or fees to enter tourist sites fall in the range of Rp 10-20 thousand.

5. Eat on street vendors.

For the sake of saving but still makes you full, choose a place to eat on the sidewalk. You don’t need a fancy place if it’s cheap can make you happy, right? Now look for places that support, you can still eat Balinese food with a taste that is not much different in expensive restaurants. Besides being cheaper, eating on street vendors has its own beauty. You can see the hustle and bustle of the trip and still feel the atmosphere in Bali.

6. Use vacation packages.

If you want to be simple and don’t need to be complicated, you can use the services of a vacation package. Now it’s easy to find services that offer vacation packages to Bali. That way, you just pay and do not have to bother thinking about spending again. There are many open trips when in a favorite location on the island of Bali.  

7. Determine the time of visit.

Bali is the target of almost everyone, both from within and outside the country. Now you must be very clever to see when the right time to visit Bali. For example, when there are quiet tourists, because at that time the price of tickets and lodging will be cheaper. This is very beneficial for you.

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