Bed Liner Scratch Resistant Lining

In addition to human transportation spray on bedliner, land transportation to transport goods from time to time has developed quite significantly. Today’s fleet of pickup vehicles or double cabins has increased quite rapidly every year. But this time we are discussing the bed liner which is now one of the obligatory accessories for d-cab and pickup owners.

As a freight vehicle, it will experience a little more friction with the goods it transports. The peeling paint due to friction will open the metal plate surface. So that the iron plate is directly in contact with the air where this will trigger oxidation. Rust must be fast approaching that section. Within a certain period of time the iron plate will be eroded and eventually porous.

For the antipathy, several attempts were made which essentially tried to protect the surface of the freight forward from collisions and scratches. One of them is by adding a bed liner or an item surface protection layer.

The most primitive way is to put a wooden board on the surface of the tub. The wooden board will protect from direct friction from objects transported with the surface of the tub. So far we have not found a seller that specifically offers this generation of pioneering bed liners. You could say this is a home made bed liner.

Although quite effective and the price is relatively affordable, but in terms of aesthetics, including less. Especially if the condition of the upholstery is worn out and begins to break. Surely the look becomes even less okay. Another disadvantage of this wooden bed liner is that it cannot protect the vertical side of the tub. So that not a few pickup floors of the vehicle are intact, but the sides of the wall are in shambles.

But of course this is not what we mean by bed liners. There are at least two types of bed liners that are widely known throughout the world. Both have the same use, but are very different in shape.

The first is a bed liner made of plastic as a drop-in bed liner. This bed liner is able to protect all sides of the existing tub. The surface of the pickup plate can be protected from impact or friction. Aesthetically, its appearance does not interrupt the beauty of the design of the vehicle it installed.

Generally, this drop-in type is made of broken plastic material, but some are made of polyurethane. This type is quite strong and durable without special treatment for maintenance. In other words, maintenance free. Some sources say that this drop-in bed liner is able to withstand the weather outside the garage by 10 years.

However, even this bed liner has a fairly basic weakness. This protector can only be transferred to a similar vehicle with the same specifications as the pickup. The size of this bed liner is indeed made for only one type of product. “Bed drop-in liners belonging to a single cab certainly cannot be used on a double cab, and vice versa,” said Migrawan Nugroho, a double cab user from Bekasi. “The drop-in liner bed is very specific for each brand and type of vehicle,” the man continued.

What makes the minus value come from the soaring purchase price is very expensive to redeem the drop-in bed liner, besides, it is possible for water to break in and get stuck between the bed liner and the surface of the tub. Usually this water comes from parts of the bed liner that are cracked, broken and because of condensation.

More than its useful life, the drop-in bed liner will decrease in strength. Getas and changes in shape and structure become a specter that haunts this one after being eaten away by age.

Spray-on / in
It is called Spray-on / in, because the application is sprayed. Although labeled as a spray on / in, but in practice this type can be applied with a roll brush. Maybe in Indonesia this one has not been found much. But in America this type is one type of bed liner that is quite popular.

One that makes it quite popular because of the flexibility in its application usage. “This type is flexible enough to be used and able to cover the surface evenly regardless of the type of vehicle or the size of the field to be closed,” explained Iyan Daniel from the Autotrek workshop in the Leuwinanggung area of ​​Cibubur.

This type of spray on / may be said to have a dual function. In addition to functioning as a coating (bed liner) also has water repellent properties. “The material used is made of polyurethane or Polyurea material. So it is not wrong if this one system has a dual function. Aside from being a coating it also has a role to keep the water from bursting up to the surface of the plate,” added Iyan. And one more advantage, that colors can be chosen as desired. “We just have to replace the color pigments according to our will,” he continued

The difference between the base material between Polyurethane and Polyurea affects the quality of the bed liner, especially its resistance to friction or impact from other objects. Polyurea is a material developed from polyurethane and has durability and durabelity better than its predecessor. It is not wrong if Polyurea coatings are widely applied by the military.

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