Marketing Tips for Success with Instagram

You must be familiar with Instagram, right? Instagram is now increasingly developing into a popular and interesting social media application. The enormity of Instagram has also become a social media platform that has successfully marketed many products and formed new brands. This is due to the presence of 8 million business accounts registered on Instagram. Did you know, there are more than 80 million photos uploaded to Instagram every day by a large number of active user bases? It is an opportunity to draw their attention to your business.

It is important for you to know that almost 60% of Instagram users are in the age group of 18-19 years. This data is a very valuable demographic for a business that is trying to determine the target market for its products. The data leak was also one of the reasons auto like instagram why business competition on Instagram was very competitive. But you don’t need to worry, because a planned marketing strategy and a strong brand identity can be the right way of exposure.

This article will discuss some tips on marketing goods or services through Instagram, as follows:

Instagram Marketing Tip # 1: Switch to Instagram Business Profiles

Before you start your marketing journey on Instagram, make sure you switch from personal Instagram profiles to business Instagram profiles.


Here are some of the real advantages that you will get when you switch to a business profile:

  • Besides visiting your website, your followers can click the contact button to contact you.
  • You can access instagram analytical tools called insights that can show status such as impressions and reach your content.
  • You can easily create and publish Instagram ads without relying on Facebook advertising tools.
  • You can increase the chance for your content to be seen by your followers in their news feeds .

Making profile switching looks like a simple step, but it will be a different world in marketing your product.

Instagram Marketing Tips # 2: Influence of Sponsor Ads

Referring to eMarketer , the number of companies that use Instagram to advertise continues to increase in number and that number exceeds the popularity of other social media platforms such as Twitter in 2017.


The graph above shows that Instagram users are increasing in number using this platform to advertise. Business people use Instagram to reach their target audienceto save on promotional costs. In addition to the fact that there are 700 million strong user bases, here are some reasons to consider advertising by using Instagram:

  1. Because Instagram and Facebook are connected, you can use the experience of advertising on Facebook to target a better audience on Instagram.
  2. In setting a budget, you can manage everything about advertisements on Instagram directly from the Facebook ad manager .
  3. Ads are attractive and unobtrusive so they can help you get a better conversion rate at a lower cost.
  4. When promoting a product or service, you are given the freedom to create using images and videos.
  5. Ads on Instagram are difficult to miss because they fill the screen of potential customers’ mobile devices.
  6. The ability to do separate A / B tests on your advertising material from the platform using Instagram and Facebook ad editors, and in the process increases the chances of getting a better return on investment.

Instagram Marketing Tips # 3: Cooperate with Targeted Influencers

If you want to reach potential customers on Instagram, you should consider the influence of influencers who have worked hard to build an audience. As more people buy products and services based on their instructor’s feed content, it makes sense to partner with them to have the right influence in increasing the value of your brand before them and potential customers.

Instagram figure is the user who has the power in the form of base follower large and loyal so the follower of its confidence in the product or service that the figures recommended. However, for your influencer marketing campaign on Instagram to succeed, you should choose influencers who have a high level of relevance to your product.

Here’s an example of an HP brand by influencers to promote the contest they are running.


Forget about significant short-term gains and direct sales from your campaign. Instead of all that, focus on building a long-term marketing strategy with the help of influencers in your business niche or product. Your goal should be to build strong brand awareness with an audience who is happy to do business with you.

Instagram Marketing Tips # 4: Cross Promotion with Other Social Media Channels

One of the most effective ways to improve your achievements is to promote your Instagram using other social media platforms . You may have fans or followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and others who know you and trust you. So why not invite them to follow you on Instagram?

By focusing on cross marketing, you will be able to generate more exposure for your Instagram content, increase brand image and reduce the cost of creating new content. Here are examples of cross promotions carried out by Marcus & Mack companies:


Referring to your social media goals, you can do cross promotions with other social media accounts in different ways. Here are some ideas that you can try:

  • Automatically post your Instagram content on other accounts with tools like Hootsuite.
  • Promote video content that you usually only post on Instagram to Facebook or Linkedin so that the amount of traffic is pushed.
  • Spread the word about your Instagram contest using relevant social accounts to increase the number of your followers .

If done effectively, this strategy can help you develop one step marketing instagram from time to time.

Instagram Marketing Tips # 5: Trace Metrics Properly

Did you know that knowing the performance of your ads on Instagram is the first step to increasing marketing efforts? To find out more clearly the level of efficiency of the ads that you install, you must first understand what you are doing and have measurable results to play. It is also important to track the exact metrics or measuring instruments in order to get maximum results, such as the effort below :

1. Follower Growth Rate of Your Instagram Account

The number of followers you have can be a vanity metric, but not so with the growth rate. By observing the growth rates of Instagram followers , you can actually see how different the frequency of your content or posts.


2. The level of involvement between the followers and you

Measuring your involvement with your followers on Instagram through the number of likes and comments is a good idea to take the right steps to improve your marketing efforts going forward. You can find out the average percentage of involvement of both, total followers , and responses of each post to get a clear understanding.

3. URL Clickthrough Rate

Tracking click the display URL on Instagram is limited to the link on your Instagram bio. It’s important to know how many people clicked on the URL you installed and measured the conversion in the number of purchases.

By monitoring the above metrics along with other metrics, such as hashtag growth , hashtag interactions , etc. will help you market your business more effectively on Instagram. And if you already know how, start to consider using Instagram advertising services.

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