Tips for Recycling Broken Laptops to Be More Useful

Tips for Recycling Broken Laptops to Be More Useful

The development of laptop technology is currently very fast, it will make us often switch laptops. There are a number of reasons that might change laptops, for example, are damaged, are tired of old laptops, the specifications are low-end  because they want to play heavy games.

Maybe some of you have damaged laptops or are no longer used, it’s better not to sell them first. Why? Because there are other benefits that you can try to use on a damaged or unused laptop.

Well, rather than curious, it’s better to see other benefits on a broken laptop below.

Other benefits of laptops that are damaged or not used

1. Become a Monitor

If the monitor part of the laptop is damaged or unused is still on, you can remove it and use it as an additional monitor. You only need to buy a monitor controller that matches your monitor’s spare parts. Monitor controller itself has varying prices, starting from Rp. 200 thousand.

2. Become a Powerbank

If the condition of your laptop battery is still good, you can unplug it and make it a power bank. For the tutorial, you can look for it on the internet. The point is you only need to make a simple electronic diagram, put it together with the laptop battery and finish.

3. Become an External Hard Drive

If the internal hard drive is still functioning, you can remove it and use it as an external hard drive on your new laptop. To do this, you only need to buy a hard disk enclosure . The price is relatively affordable, which is only Rp. 100 thousand.

4. Use As Spare Parts To Repair Other Laptops (Cannibal)

If all three parts are damaged, you can use other small spare parts to repair another damaged laptop. Examples include resistors, capacitors, keycap keyboards, and so on. The point is to adjust to the damage to other laptops.

Well, that was the tips to recycle damaged laptops to make it more useful for all of you. However, if it cannot be utilized at all, it is better to sell it at a cheap price, rather than having to pile up in the warehouse and become better garbage, making it a little money. Hopefully useful!

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