Make the effect of writing smoke with Photoshop

Make the effect of writing smoke with Photoshop

Smoke writing effect. Of course a writing can have a meaning of its own, but if we add an effect to the writing …

Smoke writing effect . Of course a writing can have a meaning of its own, but if we add an effect to the writing it will strengthen the meaning and appeal of the writing itself. This time I will give an example of working on the effects of smoke on writing like this:

 Open photoshop and create new Document (Ctrl + N). Determine width and height, I use W: 1152 H: 768 , and resolution using pixels / inch.

 Give the base color a gradation with the Gradient Tool. Here I use # 07090a as the foreground color & # 202b35 as the background color .

 Make white writing and select Filter> Blur> Motion Blur . When it appears, select Ok to have the text rasterize (changed to the image). Set to Angle: 90, and Distance: 25 (or according to appetite)

 Now we give the wave effect, Filter> Distort> Wave . Change Number of Generators: 4, Wavelength: min 10 & max 346, Amplitude: min 5 & max 35 .

 Select Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur. Change the radius to 5 pixels and select Ok. After that enter the ‘Asaaap’ layer into the group (Ctrl + G). Then change the Blend Mode to Color Dodge. Then we have got the light effect.

 Create a new layer and place it outside the group and above all layers. Then change the Foreground & Background color to Black & White (or press ‘D’ on the keyboard), select Filter> Render> Clouds . Then more or less like this:

Then change the Blend Mode to Color Dodge . Then select Layer> Layer Mask> Reveal All to eat, a Layer mask will appear on Layer 1. Use a black brush with 0% hardness to remove some areas so that it looks like this:

 Create a new layer put the top and make it a group like this:

After that add an ornament with a smoke-patterned Brush which can be downloaded from Qbrushes . Use white and brush around the writing. If it’s less thick, we can double click to get the desired result. 
 The result will be like this.

 Select the background layer then click right> Duplicate Layer> Ok or Ctrl + J. Then the Background copy layer will get. Then click the Background copy layer and select Filter> Texture> Texturizer. Change scaling: 100% and relief: 4, Texture: Canvas and Light: Top . Then select Ok.

Then change the layer’s Opacity to 8% so that it will look like a paperboard effect.

 To make it look like burning paper, we must add an invert layer. Select Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Invert> Ok . Place the top invert layer between the other layers.

 Final Results the writing effect is complete.

dark version

bright version That’s all this tutorial. May be useful. 🙂

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