Add a collection of brushes in photoshop

Add a collection of brushes in photoshop

Add brush collection. Brush is one of the tools in Photoshop that is often used to edit or beautify a photo or image. But the variety of brushes offered by Photoshop is quite limited. Therefore I will explain how to add this brush variation. 1. Download the type of brush we will use and add it to photoshop. Many sites provide this type of brush, we can search on Google only with the keyword “Brush Photoshop” so many sites will come out. 2. After finishing downloading, usually the file will be in .zip format or with other compression. Then we have to extract it first so that you will get the file format.

Open Photoshop then select Edit> Preset Manager

Click Load and select the brush file with the * .abr extension then select load.

Now the new brush type is already available in Preset Manager.

Congratulations, we can already use new brushes for our new designs.

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