4 Practical Steps to Make Ordinary Photos Become HD

4 Practical Steps to Make Ordinary Photos Become HD

4 Practical Steps to Make Ordinary Photos Become HD . If you have ever played a game (usually an MMORPG) with the right setting (max all the points), it will definitely feel as if the image has become more alive with various effects such as glow, bright texture, etc.

In this article, design will share easy tips to make your photo shoot become more alive and impress like HD ( High Definition ) images . Of course the initial preparation of this tutorial is to prepare the snapshot photo that will be edited. Next as follows: 1. The main and most important thing is to open the image that will be edited

Then duplicate the Background layer by right-clicking> Duplicate Layer or with the shortcut Ctrl + J.
 2. Select the layer that has been duplicated

Then select Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur

Give a radius of 20 pixels

 Change the blend mode to overlay or soft light . At this time I use the overlay mode to combine the effects.

Feel the difference 🙂


For finishing touches (optional if needed) add a little adjustment to make the colors brighter. Click the Curves icon on the Adjustment tab .

note: If there is no Adjuster tab, click Window> Adjustment to display the Adjustment tab

Slide a little on both curve points like this (or according to taste).


Now ordinary images have become images like HD quality .

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